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TOS Review~ Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English

Over the past few weeks, the kids have been working through a very thorough English program called Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English. We stopped our regular English programs and have been working through this curriculum everyday for the past few weeks. It has been amazing!
I'm so excited to be able to share with you all about this program.

Logic of English Review
Logic of English is a one-stop curriculum. In their programs, students will learn phonetic awareness, the alphabetic principle, high frequency words, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. When using The Essentials 2nd Edition program, students will work on reading, phonics, and spelling in one curriculum. It provides everything you need for learning to read and becoming a strong writer. You won;t need 3 or 4 different books.

Logic of English Review
For this review, we received the Essentials 2nd Edition Complete Set Volume 1. The Essentials 2nd Edition Complete Set comes with the teacher's guide book, the student workbook, the spelling journal, basic phonogram flash cards, advanced phonogram flash cards, spelling rule flash cards, grammar flash cards, morpheme flash cards set 1, phonogram game cards, deck of manuscript or cursive game cards, phonogram tile cards, phonogram and spelling quick reference lamented sheet, and the spelling analysis card. It's a lot of stuff! We also received an additional resource for this program. We were given a digital download for the The Essential Reader, The Essential Reader Student Activity Book, and The Essential Reader Teacher's Guide. These resources are optional but recommended if you have a struggling reader.
Logic of English Review
The Essentials 2nd Edition program is geared for ages 8 and up. It's a complete spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program for children in grades 2 through 6. It can easily be used for older kids who are struggling or just need a little more reinforcement. The nice thing is that there are no prerequisites to use the program. You can just just jump in! They are even working on a Volume 2 so you can continue on with this program with your middle school aged children.
The Essentials 2nd Edition program is broken up into 3 different levels...Level A, Level B, and Level C. The book provides instructions for all three levels. It's perfect for teaching multiple levels. Great for large families or small families with children close in age.
Each lesson is divided into 5 lessons/5 days. This makes it extremely easy to teach! Each lesson has detailed instructions for teaching, fun activities for the students to do, games, and helpful hints. 
How did we use the Essential 2nd Edition Curriculum?

I will tell you I was very excited about trying this program after checking out their website. It had everything. With Therese struggling with reading and spelling, I hoped this would be a just what we were looking for. So we signed up to review this product and was thrilled when we were picked for it!

reading curriculum

When the box came in the mail, I was very eager to open it up and dig right it. After I opened the box, I was shocked by all that came. It definitely was overwhelming when I first looked at all the materials that had been sent. I had no idea on where to begin! Thankfully it was a nice day, so the kids headed outside while I sat down to read the very thick teacher's guide. It's a big book, but it contains all 3 levels for volume 1. After reviewing the material, I decided that Therese should probably do the Pre-Lessons. The book comes with a placement test, so you don't have to guess where to start. Therese and I sat down together so that I could administer the placement test. I was correct. She needed a refresher. The books includes 10 pre-lessons. We spent 2 weeks reviewing before we jumped into Lesson 1. The book contains 15 lessons. Week 1 was a little rough. At first the books seemed very confusing when you sat down to do the work. Each lesson is broken up into the three levels. It can be very confusing at first, but once you get in to it, it will make complete sense. Each level is color coded. Some sections will be for all levels and then you'll see sections high lighted in light blue for Level A, green for level B, and yellow gold for level C. For this review, we were supposed to use level A. We did Level at first, but I found that Therese had remembered more than I thought from her previous phonics program, so we moved up to level B. We went over each lesson daily. We used the flashcards and Therese worked through the student workbook.

Homeschool curriculum

The Essential Reader was a great addition to the program. The books as broken up into lessons. Each lesson introduced a list of words. Following the words, students would read a small story containing words form the list. The students then get to work in the student workbook. Here they will copy sentences with words from the list. They have the option to do copywork in cursive or manuscript. Therese found the story easy to read but we did find that she struggles with a few words. I think the reader is a great reinforcement for students that might need a little push.

grammar program

What we thought of the Essentials 2nd Edition Curriculum? 
We love it. I am so thrilled with how the curriculum has grammar, handwriting, reading, and phonics all in one book. In the past, we had separate books for all those subjects. Logic of English definitely has saved us some time. It frees up more of our day to work on science and history. The best part even with the shortened time, Therese isn't missing a thing. It is all there. I've already added Michael into the class parts. I am ordering him his own student book to work through. I am looking forward to the volume 2! 
Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English is well liked in our house. Both kids have said the lessons are fun. They are NOT BORING! Therese loved that it wasn't just a workbook. My kids dislike workbooks a lot. We are already planning on using this program next year for English.
My only suggestion is I would recommend buying the student reader and workbook. It would be easier to read and save you the hassle of printing it out.

Find out more about Logic of English and their phenomenal English curriculum.

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Logic of English Review

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