Friday, March 31, 2017

Classically Catholic Memory~ Delta Year Week 6

South America

We are still working through South America. We labeled the CCM map. The kids worked on their map worksheets.
The kids have been checking books out from the library about the South American countries we have been learning. They enjoyed ready about the countries in their spare time.

A fun project to do with the kids is create the Andes Mountains out of paper mache!

Blank Map of South America
Blank Map of Chile with the capital
Blank Map of Chile without Capital
Coloring page of Chile's flag 


We're still learning the Gloria. Be sure to stop by and see what we use to learn our Latin hymns and prayers.

Consecration of the Mass

" A thousand years of enjoying human glory is not worth even an hour spent sweetly communing with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament."

~ Padre Pio

This is an important lesson to learn. Thankfully the kids see this weekly at Mass. We reread the Baltimore Catechism.

We read a wonderful lesson over at the Catholic Toolbox all about the Consecration of the Mass.
We worked on a few worksheets from That Resource Site.

Other Fun Ideas....
Padre Pio and the Eucharist coloring page
Last Supper Coloring Page
Eucharist Coloring Page
Create a beautiful chalice with simple supplies from the dollar store.
Lacy over at Catholic Icing has a wonderful Last Supper craft for kids to make.

Parts of a Seed

This week, we learned about seeds. This was a easy week for us since the kids have been helping us with the garden for years. We did work on a few worksheets.

Lesson on Seeds
Hands On Lesson on Seeds
Online Lesson About Seeds
Seed Craft
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2~ Coloring Page

The Civil War

Learning about the civil war has been a wonderful journey. We have learned so much about the struggle our country went through. To help us with this journey, we used Homeschool in the Woods History Through the Ages: Time Travelers History Study The Civil War.

We enjoyed using this program. It contained a wonderful timeline, great hands-on projects to do, and yummy (and not so yummy) recipes to try.
You can see more about this fun unit study here.(Link coming soon)

We watched a wonderful documentary about The Civil War by Ken Burns.

Great Words~
The Gettysburg Address

We read the Gettysburg Address together. I then have Michael and Therese both try to recite it. I love to see how far they will get. Eventually they will have it all memorized. They do read it every night at bed time. I also encourage them to write it down to help with memorization.

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