Monday, September 28, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year~ Latin

This year we will be learning 3 different prayers in Latin.
The first prayer we will be learning is O Salutaris, then we will learn the Gloria, and the last prayer we will learn this year is the Tantum Ergo.

To learn these prayers will be using the Chant Cd kit again this year.

This is a wonderful resource. The kit includes a song booklet and 2 discs. The is a wonderful way to introduce children to Gregorian chant. The book includes a brief introduction to Gregorian chant and has the words and music for all the songs included on the Cd's. We love listening to the monks sing. The songs are so peaceful and bring back the beauty of Latin hymns.

How we work through Latin......

Each day we listen to the hymn and sing along. By the end of the week, we have the section down. At least, we hope to have it. If not that's O.K. since we will continue to sing it the following weeks.
Having older children write out the prayer is a great way to help them memorize the words.
We have a Latin notebook. In the notebook, the kids each have a copy of the prayer to read over daily on their own. They add their loose leaf pages of the written parts of the prayer. By the end of the prayer, they will have copied the prayer down in full.

So for the O Salutaris....
Week 1~ copy the lines being learned for that week
Week 2~ copy the previous section, as well as, the new section being learned
Week 3~ copy the first 2 sections learned and add the section being learned for the week
Week 4~ copy the first 3 section and add the final section for a completed prayer

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