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Review~ Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers from Byron's Games

Disclaimer~ I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to review Maestro Master- Explore the Composers from Byron's Games. This is a fun card game to help kids and adults learn about and discover 52 classical composers from the Medieval to Contemporary time period.

Byron's Games is on a mission to help children learn something new and discover a few new passions while having fun playing some games. It all started when young Byron was six years old. During a month long stay at the hospital, after enjoying a game with a friend of keeping track of all the Olympic medals during the 2016 Olympics, Byron created a game about flags and continents. He wanted to share this new game with his fellow patients at the hospital. He wanted to help children, like himself, have fun during their hospital stay, but also learn a few things along the way. 

For this review, we received a physical copy of the game Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers from Byron Games. It's a fun, educational game and sells for about $25. Who doesn't love a game that helps children learn too?

The game is geared for children 5 and up. All you need is two players to play the game, but of course the more the merrier! The playing time of the game is about 30 minutes. This is a great time frame, little ones will not lose interest and if they want to play another round there is plenty of time to do that too!
The game comes with 104 matching composer cards that feature 52 composers, one music timeline card, one fold-out poster to continue the fun learning about composers, and instructions so you know how to play. They are kind of important, wouldn't you say?

What is Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers?

Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers is a game that is so much more than a simple matching game. Players will not only learn about composers, but their countries of origin, eras of music, and their life spans. As you play the game, players will learn more than just matching composers. They will grow their memorization skills, increase their concentration and cognitive functions, learn to pay close attention to details, and have fun all while learning!

How do you play Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers?

The game is fairly simple. Think about those early matching games we all played as children, with our children, or are currently playing with our children. One player takes one deck of cards and places them face down in rows and columns. Players then take turns (clockwise) around the table, turning over 2 cards only. The players then read the card aloud: composer's name, years they lived, country they were from, era of music, and the text description. Older players may need to help younger ones with this task. The player than places the pair down face up, in front of them, grouping their matching by era. The cards are colored by era, making this easy for younger players to do. 

Once all the cards have been matched, players will then count their matches. The player with the most matches wins the game!

For an optional way to play, include the music. Players can go to the Byron's Game website and enjoy listening to the masterful creations of each composer presented in the game.

For an even greater challenge, players can change up the game a little. Players can listen to a sample of the various composer's works and try to guess which composer it is and what era the music is from.  

What did we think of Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers?

Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers is a fantastic way to help children (and adults) learn about great composers. It would be a wonderful addition to any family's music curriculum.
When Michael and Therese were little, we listened and learned about various composers. I created my own lesson plans, bought CD's to listen to their music, found coloring pages and worksheets to help them learn. I always believed it was important for children to learn about great artists and composers. 
After playing this game, we realized we remembered a lot, but also realized that we missed a few great composers along the way. I love the added bonus of listening to the composer's music.
I would highly recommend this fantastic game to any family! I promise your family will have a tremendous amount of fun and learn a few things as they play!

Learn more about Byron's Games!

The Review Crew was given the option of reviewing two products from Byron's Games. To learn more about Explore the Composers or The Family Journal, click the image below and learn all about these two amazing products!

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