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Review~ One More Story

Disclaimer~ I received a Complimentary copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Encouraging young children to read and reading to children are two things I find extremely important. I started reading to my children while they were in the womb and didn't stop until they got too old for it. It's one of my favorite past times and I miss it. So when I was asked to review One More Story, I was excited to see what this program was all about! 

One More Story is an online library of all the best children's literature. Many of the stories are classics and well-loved tales. The library includes Caldecott titles, such as The Snowy Day, Stellaluna, Whistle for Willie, Owl Babies, and How I Became a Pirate?  Parents and children will recognize many of the titles. I saw quite a few our favorites from when the kids were little. One More Story doesn't just want to help children learn to read, they want to create life-long readers. I love this goal. It was one of my goals for my children too.

So How Does One More Story Work?

The stories are read aloud and set to original music. The music was composed by the former music director of Sesame Street. How fun is that?  

One More Story has two learning modes: Read Along Mode and I Can Read It Mode.

In the Read Along Mode, children listen to the book. Each book is plays with narration, music, and wonderful sound effects. Having the story read aloud allows children who can not read yet enjoy wonderful stories while they are given the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills needed to read. The stories have the words below the pictures. This allows the child to follow along. The words are high-lighted as the narrator reads the story. It reminded me of the storybooks and records I used to follow along with as a child. You would hear a bell when it was time to turn the page. Of course, One More Story is a bit more high-tech than that. I think I just dated myself too. I used to love those stories just like kids today will love One More Story.

In the I Can Read It Mode, is perfect for children that are just beginning to read. Children that are just learning to read can read the story but have the ability to click on any of the words to hear them aloud. This helps them become more familiar with words and helps them become stronger readers. This mode has no narration or music. They can read at their own pace. No worries of siblings trying to rush them or parents struggling to remain calm as they sound out the same word for the 1000th time. You know we've all been there!

One More Story also provides a My Word List and Vocabulary section. The My Word List is made up of the words the beginner reader clicked on while reading their story. The words are added to the list and the children can go back and click on them at any time. They can hear the word and master it. Once they have mastered the word, they can move the word over to the Learned Word section. This allows student to see what they have accomplished! It's a wonderful feeling when a parent sees the look of pride in their child's face.

The Vocabulary section has all the challenging words located in the stories. Children can read and hear the words along with their definitions.

The program does provide parents with their own page to track the books their children have read and the words in the child's My Word List

I have to say I enjoyed looking over One More Story. Since I only have high school students now, I didn't use the program all that much. I love the concept behind it. It's a wonderful addition for parents and children who are teaching and learning to read.

Therese would have loved this when she was little. She used to check out tons of books from the library each week. She would read them over and over. This would have been a fantastic way for her to learn to read. I love how she would have had the option to hear the story, read the story, and yet still be able to hear a word or two she didn't know. 

I would highly recommend this program to any family with children learning to read. It's a program that children will enjoy using. Parents will know that their children are hearing or reading great books. Parents will be able to feel confident in that their children will be learning to read and increasing their vocabulary too. One More Story is a wonderful tool for parents to use, in addition to their own reading time with their kids. 

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to review One More Story. We try to make each book as engaging as possible while staying true to the essence of the book. The narration, music and effects create a world for a child to explore. Happy Reading!


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