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Book Review~ Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible

Disclaimer~I received a COMPLIMENTARY copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

As a parent, helping my kids know, understand, and love their faith is important to me. Part of this knowledge is knowing and understanding the Bible. Today, I get to share with you a new book by Danika Cooley, Help Your Kids Learn & Love the BIBLE from Bethany House Publishers.

Help Your Kids Learn & Love the BIBLE
Danika Cooley

Publisher: Bethany House 
Paperback: 198 pages

"Danika Cooley has a heart for seeing the next generation truly know and embrace God's Word."
                                       ~ Jim Daily, president Focus for the Family

As parents, we cannot deny that we want what is best for our children. We'd be a fool to even try to deny this. We search for the best preschools, schools, or homeschool curriculum. We make them eat the proper foods and get the proper amount of sleep. We send them outside for exercise and fresh air. As parents, responsible for these amazing gifts from God, we take our job seriously. 

But often, we find ourselves slipping in certain areas. It is easy to get caught up in day-to-day living. For many parents, teaching the faith and passing it on to their children slips through the cracks. I see it too often with the little ones I teach at Church and at different homeschool co-ops I've taught at over the years. 

As parents, we need to put in the time and energy to teach them about the faith and the Bible. By doing this, we are giving them life-changing skills, soul-nourishing words from the Bible, and the knowledge to stand up for their faith.

Help Your Kids Learn & Love the BIBLE gives parents the tools and confidence to study the Bible together as a family. This valuable resource will help you understand your fears and help you overcome them to become a strong leader when teaching your children about Scripture. 

The book has three parts, broken up into eleven chapters. 

Part 1~ You're the Leader
Chapter 1- Making the Bible Approachable for Your Kids
Chapter 2- A Good Start to a Strong Finish
Chapter 3- Finding Time in an Age of Hustle

In this section, parents are encouraged to read the Bible daily with their children. The everyday excuses that can be made or might pop up are addressed. The different ages of children are brought up and options are given to parents to help them make the right choices for their children. Age- appropriateness is mentioned.  

Part 2~Faithful Reading
Chapter 4- Who Wrote this Thing, Anyway?
Chapter 5- Keep the Message in View
Chapter 6- A Library of Books
Chapter 7- Profitable Discussion

In this section, the importance of reading the Bible daily is discussed. Reading scripture daily is important for parents and children. This section discusses where the Bible came from, the different versions of the Bible, and brings up the historical context of the Bible. 

*For Catholics, it is mentioned that the version of the Bible translated by Saint Jerome still remains the "approved" and "authentic" translation. I felt the quotations were a derogatory way to put down our faith. It just felt a little rude and not necessary.

Part 3~A Daily Walk
Chapter 8- Reading the Word Together
Chapter 9- Hide the Word in Your Child's Heart
Chapter 10- Praying the  Word Together
Chapter 11- Study the Word When You're Not Feeling It

In the final section, various ideas are presented with helping your child learn and explore the Bible. Crafts, projects, and fun activities are discussed. I loved this! I do this in my religious education class every Sunday. Kids learn so much more when they are hands-on.

Conclusion: Reaping Fruit from a Living Branch

After reading, Teach Your Kids to Learn & Love the BIBLE, you will be encouraged and strengthened to teach your children about God's word and help them strengthen their relationship with Our Lord. 

About the Author~ Danika Cooley

Danika  Colley is an award-winning Children's author, homeschool mother of four, and Bible curriculum developer. She encourages parents and families to intentionally raise biblically literate children. She and her husband are committed to leading their children on the path to love their lives for God's glory. They have both worked hard to study and learn the Bible with their own kids. Danika has a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Washington.

Find more about the author on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and  YouTube.


I found the book to be filled with lots of valuable advice for parents. Danika shares plenty of suggestions on how to teach the Bible to your kids, how to encourage your kids to read the Bible, and how to make it a necessity in their lives. I whole-heartedly agree that kids learn about life and the world through the things they are exposed to. They learn by example. 

We need to encourage our children to create strong habits. Reading the Bible daily is one of those, probably one of the most important habits we can teach them to do.

 As a Catholic, I hear too often that "we" don't know the Bible as well as other denominations. This always seemed odd to me, since the Mass has 3 different readings from the Bible daily. I'm sure, it's like everything else. You have some that do and some that don't. If you're looking for a schedule, here is a great one for Catholics. This book does a fantastic job of helping make this a priority in today's famillies.

Overall, I found the book insightful. Danika offers parents some wonderful ideas, advice, and encouragement. There were a few mentions of Martin Luther, the Roman Catholic faith, and a few other topics that don't go along with what we believe, but I was able to easily overlook them. Some of the book recommendations would not work for Catholics, but there are plenty of resources available to us. 

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Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible

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