Monday, August 25, 2014

Snakes and Recording Our Scientific Data

Our furry, little cat who is an excellent mole/mouse catcher brought us a snake.

Our fierce hunter

Lego Man collected the snake and put him in an old flower pot. After safely securing the snake fromt he cat, he went in search of his microscope and field journal.

The hunter watching over her kill. 


Lego Man arranging the specimen for observation. You can still see that our cat hasn't left the table. She was very proud of herself.


Lego Man recorded the length, color, head and tail shape, etc. He was able to figure out that the snake was a rat snake. It was 8 inches long. 
Did you know that rat snakes have a pink belly? I didn't. 

The things you learn when you're a mom of a boy, especially if you really, really dislike creepy, crawly things.

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