Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our State Study Scrapbook~ Maryland


I just realized that I never posted about our Maryland scrapbook pages.

Maryland was an easy state for us to study. I grew up there and still have plenty of family there, so the kids have been to Maryland plenty of times.

We used the following books for our study.


Here is a cute board book for little ones.

After reading from our selection of books, we filled in our notebooking pages. Here a few of the notebooking pages we like to use.

Harrington Harmonies
Notebooking Nook
The Happy Housewife

We filled in our notebooking pages and then got to work on our scrapbooking pages.

We colored in the state map, colored in Maryland on the map of the whole United States, and colored the state flag.

Map of the United States
Map of Maryland
State Flag

 State Bird~ Baltimore Oriole

 State Flower~ Black-Eyed Susan

We colored a few other pages too.

Maryland State Quarter
Maryland State Seal
Maryland Postcard
Blue Crab Coloring Page

Maryland was founded by George Calvert. He wanted to create a haven for Catholics in the New World. We like to believe Maryland was named after our Blessed Mother, Mary.

Saint Ignatius Church in Port Tobacco, MD is the oldest continuously serving Catholic parish in the United States. It was founded in 1641 by Jesuits who arrived on the Ark and Dove to help form a new English Colony. 

Finally we colored in a picture of Francis Scott Key, since The Star Spangled Banner was written at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. We will be heading there this year for a field trip since we are studying the that time period this year.
Another fun activity would be to learn the song.

A few recipes to try
Maryland Crab cakes .... just don't forget the Old Bay seasoning! 

It tastes great on fries too.

and for desert Smith Island Cake.

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