Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

As I look out my window....
Snow! The sky is filled with clouds of soft gray. The snow has been a little slower getting here, but it has arrived. The weather reports seem to be varying in the amount we will usual. The kids are excited since we are getting enough for some fun in the snow...sledding, snow angels, snowball fights, and making snowmen. Winter fun!

Right now I am..... 
I am enjoying my second cup of coffee. I am watching Lego Man put together a solar powered car kit. It was a gift and he is excited to put it together. The rest of the house is quite. We are enjoying our relaxing morning after traveling this weekend.

I am thankful for....
My family. We visited my parents this weekend to help out with cleaning out my grandfather's house and help out around my parent's house while my mom is recovering from hip surgery. Thankfully she is healing quickly and should be home soon.
This weekend was a sad one. It's hard knowing I will never step foot into my grandparent's house again. For over 50 years my grandparents lived there. I have so many happy childhood memories of our days there. I know it's just a house and that they are not there now, but it's hard saying goodbye. I am so thankful for the memories I do have. I look forward to the day when I will see them again.

What I am praying for.....
My family
My mom
This crazy world we live in

What's for dinner....
Sunday~Mac n' Cheese..not very healthy, but we had been out of town
Monday~ Ham steak, roasted potatoes, and a veggie
Tuesday~ Lemon chicken, rice, and green beans
Wednesday~ Burgers
Thursday~ Bacon-wrapped pork chops
Friday~ Mahi Mahi
Saturday~ Don't know yet?

What I am working on....
I am starting to look into next year's school plans. I can't believe it's already that time of year again. I'm cleaning up my sewing area, so I can get down to sewing again. Of course, I am doing laundry.
Princess P and I are getting ideas for her 10th can my baby almost be 10!?!


Till next time,

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  1. Wow, love much here....I love reading others' daybooks...writing them, as well...I just haven't in quite a long time. I really should get back to it...!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the need to say goodbye to your grandparents' IS just a house, yes,,,but so many memories. It's so difficult. I agree.

    SO happy to hear Mom is doing better! Good for her! I'm sure she absolutely loved having you all there this weekend! We included her in prayer during our rosary over the weekend...( haven't said the rosary yet today, so we''ll think of her again tonight.)

    I hope the kids enjoy the snow tomorrow! We're getting hit as well.I;m afraid to look outside! Everything is closed tomorrow and my son's midterms which were today and tmrw are all rescheduled due to weather.

    Thanks for sharing, Monique!
    "See" you soon!

  2. That's a really tough thing, regarding your grandparents' house. When I do go back to visit my mom, I'll drive her past her childhood home which is usually being rented out by its' owner. If no one is renting, we get out and look into the windows. It brings back a flood of memories!


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