Monday, February 9, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory~ Gamma Year Week 5


The Salve Regina is one of the four Marian antiphons. It is usually said or sung after evening prayers, immediately before bed. It is usually said from the end of Eastertide until the beginning of Advent.
Here is a beautiful rendition I found on Youtube.


We talked about what we mean when we say the "communion of saints" during the Apostles Creed.
We worked on this sheet from my friend Jennifer over at Catholic Inspired!

If your kids love to color, Saint John the Baptist in Front Royal has two wonderful coloring pages about the communion of saints.

Better yet, they have coloring pages for the entire Apostles Creed. You find them here.

This week we started learning about the United States. I located a full map of the United States for the kids to color in as we learn each new state. I printed out an outline map for each state we are learning this week to create a state workbook. They label and color each state. We go over each state and capital everyday. We find them on our large map in our school room and of course we label the maps from CCM.
 I liked the outline maps I found at Apples 4 the Teachers Website. They have all types of state coloring pages!

Multiples of 6

I found this multiples of six worksheet for older kids.
Here is a fun game to play...Two-Minute Multiples. You can use this for all the multiples the kids will be learning this year!


This week was a little hard to find information for. There were no books at the library to read, so we did read the teaching notes provided in the CCM teachers manual.

I did a few resources online that we read to learn more.
Article 1 
Article 2
Here is a article geared to students that explains it very well.

Since the praying of the Rosary granted victory at Lepanto, we prayed the Rosary during school.
Another great idea is for the students to create their own rosaries. I found the following sites that explained how to make them.
How to Make a Beaded Rosary
How to Make a Knotted(Corded) Rosary

Children can color a coloring page of a rosary.
Rosary #1
Rosary #2 
Rosary #3
Here is a nice one for older kids from Saint Anne's Helper

If you don't know how to pray the Rosary, this would be a great week to teach the kids! Here is a link to instructions on how to pray the rosary. Here is a printable version of how to pray the Rosary.

Chemical Reactions! We learned about different kinds of chemical reactions. For this lesson, we created some of our own chemical reactions. We tried to mix oil and water...didn't work of course!
We did the Potion Commotion experiment from Fetch with Ruff Ruffman!

I forgot to take pictures, since we had one reaction that overflowed quickly and in large quantities. The table was covered and it was flowing onto the floor. For this disaster, we decided to use apple cider vinegar and baking soda. It definitely reacted more than plain old white vinegar.

The dog smelled like apple cider vinegar for a few days since she was laying under the table. Poor girl.

Great Words~
We are still adding on to the Christopher Columbus poem. Five weeks in and three left to go.

Till next time,

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