Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory~ Gamma Year Week 6

We are learning the last line of the Salve Regina. This is a beautiful prayer to add to you prayer life. We are still singing along with the monks from our Chant Kit CD.


How can we show are love for God, our neighbors, and ourselves?

I found this week pretty easy for the kids to understand.
We read about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy in the Baltimore Catechism. We briefly talked about them, since the next 4 weeks will be spent on them. We spent a great deal talking about how we need to follow the 10 Commandments (really cute craft for little kids can be found here) and the Two Greatest Commandments that Jesus gave us.

I found this heart craft that the kids could make and place into their religion notebooks.
I also found this lacing craft that little kids could make.
I printed it out and the kids made bookmarks!

We discussed how we can live this out in our day to day lives.

  • We give money to the poor.
  • We take names of the Christmas tree at Church.
  • We donate food to our local food bank.
  • We have helped work at a local food distribution for the needy at a local church.
  • We help family and friends when needed.

This week is a great week to get out and help those in your neighborhood. Kids can help an elderly neighbor, rake leaves for a grandparent or shovel the snow, Everyday, we have a chance to live out the commandments of God and grow closer to him. Even helping around the house (without complaining) does this.
A fun idea to help encourage kids is to create a good deeds jar! The kids can fill out a slip of paper with their good deed on it and drop it into the jar. When the jar is filled to the top, everyone gets a special treat. Maybe the child with the most, gets an extra special treat!

We added 5 new states and capitals to our notebook. We labeled the CCM map, went over the large map in our school room, and the kids colored and labeled the maps I had printed out.
For more reinforcement for younger kids, you can purchase a state song CD.


Multiples of Seven

For my kids, I had them work on a worksheet about the multiplies of 7.

For younger kids, you can place Seven is to Heaven.

Write out the multiples of 7 on construction paper. To go along with the Heaven theme, you can make them into the shape of clouds.
You can tape them on onto stairs or the floor of you don't have stairs.
Introduce the multiplies of seven and then remind kids that saints get to Heaven. Have the kids hop from number to number, chanting the number, and when they get to the end  have them shout out HEAVEN!

This week we focused on Elizabethan England and Shakespeare! We read a book about William Shakespeare.

We read a few books from Shakespeare.

Here are two great lap books to go along with this study!
William Shakespeare from A Journey through Learning
William Shakespeare from Homeschool Helper Online...It's Free!

Acids and Bases
We tested various house hold items to see if they were acids, bases or neutrals. I did have this plan to get purple cabbage and testing pH with cabbage juice, but I never got around to getting the cabbage. If you'd like to try out, check out this site. It explains how to do it!
I even made a worksheet to record your findings. You can find that here.

We ended up just using pH strips we found at our local Hobby Lobby store. We filled cups with orange juice, vinegar, milk, water, dish soap, laundry soap, hot sauce, Ketchup, lemon juice, fruit flavored water and soda. The kids took turns dipping their pH strips, very similar to pool test strips, into the various liquids. They recorded their findings into their science workbook.
This a is simple and easy project that can be done. All you really need are test strips. The rest of it is items you can find around your house. Anything will work...just get creative.

Great Words~ 
Christopher Columbus! The learning of this poem is going well. I did decided to try a new game with the kids. Instead of taking turns reciting the whole poem. I am having them alternate a line. So Lego Man will say line 1, then Princess P will say line 2, and so on. It seems to be helping, since I saw that they were forgetting or stumbling on the same line each week. I think this is helping them focus a little more. It is also slowing them down. They were getting to the "fast" mood of reciting. I wanted them to slow down, speak clearly, and focus on what they were saying.

Till next time,

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  1. Wow you had one busy week, Monique!! Sheesh, you put us to shame!

    Love your ideas and that 7s worksheet! Thanks for sharing so much great stuff,friend!

  2. My little man and my husband have to learn the Salve Regina in Latin for their Troops of St. George group. They are suppose to be singing it every meeting and camp out. David told me how they need a strong voice to carry the tune. (Apparently, everyone is off key quite a bit ;)


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