Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter Art Fun

Monday, we started back to co-op. It was fun to get back to our lessons and see or friends!
I'm in charge of art at co-op. I try to find fun art ideas for the young ones that go along with the season.
On Monday, we created snow globes. They had been calling for snow for us, but it decided to skip us. We decided to make our own!

Supplies Needed
Blue and White Construction Paper
Glue Sticks
White Paint
Black or Brown Paint
Red and Orange Paint
Paint Brushes

Cut circles out of the blue construction paper and cut a base out of the white or cream construction paper. I did an oval shape, but you can do any shape that you want for the base.
Instruct the kids to glue the globe to the base.
Now it's painting time! This is were the creativeness of the kids comes out.
Paint 3 different sized white circles for your snow man. Next add all his accessories!
Buttons, arms, eyes, nose, hat, scarves, etc.
Don't forget to add the snow!

Till next time, 

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  1. I love that there are so many different ways to make these snowmen, too.


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