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Egglo Eggs and Egglo Entertainment Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a variety of wonderful products from Egglo Entertainment for the School House Review Crew.

We were so excited to receive these Christian themed products.  We couldn't wait to start using the items we received in the mail. 
We received

After opening the package, the kids were most excited about the glow in the dark eggs and honestly I can't blame them!

They are pretty amazing. You get 12 glow in the dark eggs for $9.99. They do have a special right now, buy 2 boxes and get 1 box free. Of course the more you buy, the bigger discount you will get.

All you need is light to charge them up. Half of the eggs are plain and the other half have a cross on them. You get four, green, yellow, and pink. The glowing egg is to represent that Jesus is the light of the world. The kids search in the dark for the glowing eggs and see that Jesus is the light of the world.
They make great prizes for Easter egg hunts. You can fill them with candy, the scripture scrolls, stickers, rosaries, saint medals, or small crosses. The ideas are endless! There is even a board on Pinterest that is filled with amazing ideas. I loved the wreath idea with the glowing eggs. The wreath is beautiful during the day with the flowers and eggs, but still beautiful at night with the glowing Easter eggs. It's kind of like having Easter lights, instead of Christmas lights.

They would look beautiful hanging from a tree in the yard. Every Lent and Easter, we decorate a small tree in our front yard. How beautiful would the glowing eggs be during the evening hours? The sun would charge them all day and then they would glow brightly in the night. I was going to get out there and hang some eggs up, but we got more snow. Hanging Easter eggs outside when the temperature ranges from negative to the low 20's, it not my idea of fun!

We sat down together and the kids took turns reading the story about. The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book is fun and engaging book. It is a charming story about some children who take a very magical and special journey during Holy Week. I love how the curriculum guide had questions to ask the kids after the story was read. They were even coloring pages that went along with the book. 


Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls and the Egglo Bible Verse Stickers make great fillers for the eggs.
They are a great way to keep the real meaning of Easter in your Easter Egg hunt. They are also great because you do not have to worry about any type of food allergies. They fit perfectly into the glow in the dark eggs or regular old store bought plastic eggs. You can use a combination of the two types of eggs.

The Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum is a great resource for religious education programs, churches, and families. It is a downloadable guide. It gives plenty of wonderful ideas to make you Easter egg hunt successful.

It has ideas for religious themed snacks, story ideas, activity ideas, bible ideas, questions and answers for kids, bible verses that can be memorized, games to help children learn important bible lessons, Easter egg hunt ideas and guidelines. They even include invitations, decorations, posters, coloring pages, and more! I can't wait to do a few of the ideas with my first grade CCD class after Easter Sunday. The curriculum guide has given me some great ideas for snacks and games for our Easter party. I know my little first graders are going to have a blast learning about Easter and Jesus!

To find out more about Egglo products, check out the following links!

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Egglo Entertainment Review

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