Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

Well another week has flown by! We are doing a happy dance that school is almost done.

On our little chicks! we now have 16 baby chicks that have hatched. We still have 3 more to go. Our latest chick, who we named Sweet Pea, has hatched all by her self. She has no buddies.

Our first batch had 7 that hatched together, while Sunny's bunch hatched 8 withing 3 days. She left the four remaining eggs, so we brought them in to place in the incubator. Sweet Pea is the first to hatch from the eggs Sunny abandoned. She has taken us on as her mamas. She loves to sit on our shoulders. She chirps extremely loudly of she is left alone. She prefers to sleep curled up under our chins. I think she likes feeling/hearing our heartbeat. Princess P takes her to her room and she follows her around. We tried introducing her to Sunny and her chicks outside, but she is so slow and can't keep up with them. She immediately searchers for us and hops back to our feet. I have a feeling she is going to be a special chicken in this household.

In our school.....We are almost done with this year's lessons!!!!! We are finishing up history and science. All the other subjects have been completed. We will continue on with math through out the summer. We will add a few unit studies in there too. I am preparing our lessons for next year. I love planning the lesson. I honestly believe I enjoy the planning more than the actual schooling. I always get excited about all the fun stuff I find to do with the kids.
The kids tests are ordered, so we will be doing them soon.

What I am feeling....Our homeschooling years have flown by. It feels like I just started with Lego Man. It's hard to believe we completed our 8th year. It really doesn't feel like we have been doing it for that long. It doesn't feel possible that I'll have a young man heading into 6th/7th grade and my baby (she hates when I call her that) will be doing her last year of  the lower grades. How did I get old enough to have kids entering their teens. A few weeks ago at church, my 17 year old aid was mistaken as my daughter. I was shocked at first. I don't feel that old. She is a lovely young lady and I would be proud to call her my daughter. I just didn't think I looked old enough to have a child that old. Sure, it really is possible. It just seems like I was 16 a few years ago. Time really does go by too fast!

On our life......Well all animals are healthy. The dog is healed from her attack wounds. We have successfully healed 2 cats from wounds they received from a stray cat in our area. Mama Kitty really doesn't understand why anyone would want to hurt her.

Hope you had a wonderful week!

Till next time,

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