Saturday, January 9, 2016

Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year ~ Week 2 The Seven Sacraments~ Baptism

Week 2 from CCM is all about the Seven Sacraments. So for 2 weeks, the kids and I talked about the Seven Sacraments. We did a brief over view of all 7 sacraments.

For note taking practice, I had the kids write down the seven sacraments into their religion notebooks. The first sacrament we talked about was Baptism, since this is the first sacraments we receive as Catholics.

I found a wonderful lesson on Baptism from Our Lady of the Rosary Library. Father William J. Cogan offers this lessons on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Baptism Craft from Jennifer over at Catholic Inspired!

Worksheet on Baptism from Catholic Mom.

Baptism Craft worksheet from Sadlier Religion.

Here a few more resources I found while searching the internet.

Lesson on the Baptism of Jesus
Lesson 1
Lesson 2

Coloring Page 

We discussed the symbols of Baptism.

Baptism Lesson for Younger Children
Fun Activity Worksheet

Baptism Coloring Page

Baptism Lesson for Older Children

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