Thursday, January 28, 2016

Traveling Thursdays~ The Arboretum

A few weekends ago, the whole family headed out for a nature hike at our local arboretum. It was a beautiful day. The air was crisp but mild. We had a very pleasant walk.

Our local arboretum is 172 acres. It was started back in the 1930's and now how over 5000 trees and shrubs from all over the world.

It has over 162 different kinds of Boxwoods. There is a ginkgo grove of 300 trees and Ceder alley of 36 trees. In the spring, the dogwood lane is breathtaking. They even have a field of daffodils that are perfect for taking spring photos.

Of course in the fall and winter, the bright colors of spring and summer are missing. If you look hard enough, you can still find a variety of nature life to see.

Seeds, pine cones, birds, berries, and animal tracks are just a few of the things you can spot.

The whole family went, so this included the dog too. She found herself a pond to splash and play in. She is truly a water dog. I think the best part of her rump in the water was when she decided to lay down in the water and just hang out. Silly puppy!

and the highlight of the walk.....


 photo logo3.png

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