Thursday, January 7, 2016

Traveling Thursday~ Colonial Williamsburg

Our American history journey continues on with our day at Colonial Williamsburg. We've already visited Jamestowne and Yorktown, so there's no better place to finish our trip than at Williamsburg!
The kids had never been to Williamsburg and it had been way too many years since I had been there. So many things have changed! It was a beautiful day and a wonderful way to help the kids learn about Colonial America and the American Revolutionary War. A subject we learned about last year with our CCM history.

We started our day at the Governor's Palace.

The interior was beautiful. The attention to details in homes and on furniture always astounds me. People took so much pride in their homes. 

After touring the inside, we headed outside to the kitchen where a charming lady was preparing some food in the palace's kitchen. The deserts look yummy but I think I'd pass on the other stuff.

From the kitchen, we wandered into the gardens. I can only imagine what it was like to sit among the shade trees and see the beautiful flowers blooming. They even had a small maze we explored.

After visiting the palace, we started to stroll down the cobblestone lanes. I love how the streets take you back to a time long ago. It would amazing to step back and time and visit the people from that time. We could learn so much from them. I'd love the dresses. I have always loved the historical gowns from years ago. Studying historical costumes was a highlight for me when I studied abroad in in London during college.

We explored various homes and gardens. We stopped by and visited different shops like the shoemaker, the silversmith, the apothecary, the milliner, the basket maker, and the gun smith. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. I love how they helped teach the kids a few new things.

We watched the horse drawn carriages pass through the town. Therese even got up close and personal with 2 beautiful horses. They loved the attention she gave them.

Of course, we stopped and ate at a tavern. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was perfect for our day back in colonial America. We ate at the Shield's Tavern. We were led down into the basement and ate by candle light. Therese and I ate a delicious salad created from items grown right there in the town. 

The kids both got a few souvenirs. Therese picked out a hat that a very helpful shopkeeper helped put on. She looked beautiful. She wore the hat later on in the month with her Halloween costume.
Michael picked out a game called Shut the Box. I picked out some wonderful smelling lavender soap. I LOVE lavender. 

We had a fantastic time discovering America's history! It was a great way for the kids to bring all the lessons they had last year to life. Hands on learning again! I love getting the kids involved in their learning. It truly does help them learn and it provides wonderful memories for them and us.
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  1. Looks like a perfect day. :) I home schooled my daughter after my husband died for three years because she had such severe anxiety following his death. Best thing I could have done. A lot of people advised me against it, said I would "set her back" and all sorts of other comments, but she's currently a sophomore in one of the best colleges in Colorado...and she's on the Dean's list! I commend you for what you're doing, it's a true commitment as a parent to home school, but trips like this are amazing. Good for you!

  2. Great field trip. walking through the past can be so downright interesting can't it? :)

  3. what a great place! Thanks for sharing!


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