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TOS Review~ Homeschool Copywork Lifetime Membership

Does your child's handwriting need some help? Do your kids struggle with spelling and grammar?  I know as my kids have gotten older their handwriting seems to have gotten worse and I worry about how well they write. So for the past few weeks, we have been using Homeschool Copywork. For this review, we received a Lifetime Membership from Homeschool Copywork
The Lifetime Membership gives us access to a wide variety of copywork and notebooking pages. 

Homeschool Copywork Review
Homeschool Copywork has 3 different levels of membership.
  • Free get access to a few of the copywork books for free.
  • Full will get access to 54 eBooks for 1 year, plus a few other benefits
  • Lifetime will get full access to all the eBooks, Notebooking pages for a life time
You can find out more about the membership benefits on the website, Homeschool Copywork.

What is Homeschool Copywork?

Homeschool Copywork is an online website that offers copywork and notebooking pages on a variety of topics and grade levels.

Parents will find pages for all grade levels......

Early Elementary 
Upper Elemntary
Junior High
High School

Just a few of the topics or subjects that are covered are religion, bible verses, science, human body, birds, Artist Study, Claude Monet, Poetry from Emily Dickinson, Poetry from Lewis Carroll, etc.
There are so many topics and subjects covered that you could add copywork to almost every subject your kids are studying.

homeschool curriculum

So why is copywork important? Well, it's not just about handwriting which is important. Every child should be able to write well enough that others can read their works. Copywork is a great way to work on spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation all at the same time.
By using copywork, students will be exposed to great literature and writings. This will then expose them to great ideas and strong literature. If we give our kids great literature to read, they will become stronger readers with a larger vocabulary. They will become the next generation of wonderful writers and readers. If children learn to read and enjoy reading their education is endless.

How Did We Use Homeschool Copywork?

Well I looked for copywork that would work for the lessons I already had planned. I have to say it was very easy to find something. Actually I found too much to use for this year, but hey there is always next year!
Since we are doing a bird study this year and both kids enjoy learning about animals, I decided to download and use the John James Audubon copywork. We are also studying him as an artist this year, so this copywork was perfect for us!

Charlotte Mason Learning

Charlotte Mason Learning

I've already gotten the copywork ready to go for the Human Body. We'll be starting to learn about that in a few weeks. 

What Did We Think of Homeschool Copywork?

I enjoyed the variety of copywork that was available. Homeschool Copywork offered so many topics that I was able to find something that went along with our studies. I even saw (and liked) topics that we might not study any time soon, but knew the kids would enjoy reading and working on them.
Copywork is an easy to add to daily lessons and can give students some added learning along the way. 

At first, I was shocked on how many letters, words, and punctuation marks were missing in their work. I won't even mention the sloppiness of their writing! After a few weeks, I saw a dramatic improvement in the copywork. They were taking more care in their writing. I even saw a difference in their writings for our other subjects. Just adding a few minutes a day of copywork to our schedule had a tremendous .impact on their writing skills. 

The kids were not happy to hear we were adding copywork back into the schedule. We had done it for years, but for some reason we had stopped. I think I felt they no longer needed it. I guess I was wrong. So they groaned a little but after working the first few pages, they realized that it wasn't that bad. 
My only complaint about Homeschool Copywork is that it is a lot of printing. Make sure you have plenty of ink and paper. 

Learn more about Homeschool Copywork.....

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Homeschool Copywork Review

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