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TOS Review~ Time Tales from The Trigger Memory Co.

I am so excited (very eager in fact) to share with you all about Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co.  For the past few weeks, Therese has been working with this fun, creative program. Like many children, Therese has struggled learning her times tables. She just couldn't seem to get them mastered. 
Well, that has been solved with Times Tales!
The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
I have seen Times Tales before and had thought about trying it with Therese but for some reason or another I just never got around to ordering. I'll be honest.....I had my doubts it would work.
I should have given Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co. a try a long time ago. 
For this review, we received the digital download of the Times Tales DVD. This download includes two video files Part 1 and Part 2 (which you watch on your computer) and  three printable PDF files that include crossword puzzles, flashcards, tests, and game cubes for some fun game playing.
So how does Times Tales Work?

Well, Time Tales is a fun, creative mnemonic based program.The program uses cute but simple stories to teach the students the multiplication facts. The multiplication facts are easily memorized because the program uses characters to help the student memorize the facts without realizing that they are learning the times tables. All they are asked to memorize at first are stories about certain characters. By having students use this "memory peg" to learn the times table, Times Tales makes multiplication easy to learn but more importantly fun to learn. No stressing about numbers.
It really is a simple, yet effective method! 
The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
The Times Tales program covers the following multiplication problems.
Learning the Time Tables

How Did We Use the Program?

Once we received the digital download we sat down together and watched Part 1 of the program. After reviewing the video, we worked on the crossword puzzle. Throughout the week, we watched the video again and used the flashcards to help with the memorization of the multiplication facts. 

We played the with the game cubes and Therese just had fun learning the multiplication facts.

At the end of week two, I had Therese take the test. She passed with flying colors!

We then moved onto Part 2 of the program. We worked through it just like Part 1. 
It's super easy to do. Therese was able to sit and watch the video by herself. She passed the video when she needed and answered the questions and even did the quiz that is included in the video section. The video was short not too long. She didn't lose interest and was able to complete the program with little to no help from me. This is a plus when you have an older child who likes to work independently. 

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
What Did We Think of Times Tales?

After a few weeks of watching the videos and using the printable resources, 
This is big news in our house. For her it seemed like a miracle.
Therese was shocked at first. After watching the video on the first day she was amazed. 
Her exact words were, 
"This is creepy! How is this possible!"  
I have to admit I was very skeptical at first, but after 2 days with the program I was a believer.
I am amazed at how well this program works. It's so easy to use. Kids enjoy using it and are eager to sit down and get started. An added bonus of this program is the videos introduce division to the students without them even knowing it.
We enjoyed the older style animation. I was worried that Therese would think the program was geared for younger kids but she didn't say a word. Michael even watched the videos with us. He didn't mind the videos either. No complaints here. The video graphics reminded me of older cartoons. The voices were clear and crisp.
I would recommend this program to every parent. If you are getting ready to learn multiplication or have a struggling learner, this is the program for you.
The only complaint I have is the program took awhile to download. I had to head to the library to download this program. Even at the local library, the program took over 30 minutes to download.
A few of the ladies mentioned an issue with printing out the PDF files, but I had no issue at all.
Want to learn more about Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co.?
Times Tales Website
Times Tales Facebook Page
See what the other members of the Review Crew had to sat about Times Tales.
I'm sure they loved it as much as us.
Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

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