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TOS Review~ Abraham Lincoln from YWAM Publishing

Today, I get to share with a wonderful book called, Heroes of History Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom  from YWAM Publishing. For this review, we received a physical copy of the book, Heroes of History Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom and a downloadable Unit Study Curriculum Guide for Abraham Lincoln.

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

YWAM Publishing is a wonderful company that's one goal is to provide families with great quality Christian materials. While looking over there website, I discovered that they started as a small company. They printed tracts to be handed out during the 1972 Munich Olympic games. They continued to print and distribute books to the Eastern Bloc countries. They eventually moved production to Seattle, Washington. They now publish 150 of their own titles, as well as 2,000 books, videos, and Cd's. It amazes me how far they have come. YWAM Publishing has two great book series that are perfect for children, Heroes of History and Christian Heroes. Both of these series are a fantastic way to have children learn about important people from history and the bible.

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

For this review, we got to read and learn all about Abraham Lincoln. We choose this title since we are learning about the American Civil War this year in history. I had Michael read this book for his choice of a history book to go along with our studies. I always have the kids pick a book that goes along with what we are covering. This was perfect. He read it at night as his bedtime reading. He lives to read at night. It helps him relax and unwind after his day. 
Heroes of History: Abraham Lincoln is all about Abraham Lincoln. It tells about his childhood, adult life, life as a the president, and ends with his tragic death. The story helps children see what type of person Abraham Lincoln was as a child and as a man. They get to see what events helped shape his life. 
Heroes of History: Abraham Lincoln has 19 chapters. It's geared for children ages 10 and up. Depending on your reader, I'd say an 8 year old could read it. It's a fun way for children to learn more about the influence that Abraham Lincoln had on this country. I love when kids can see history first hand and see how our ancestors lived and dealt with every day life.
With this review, we were also given the Unit Study Guide to go along with the book. It is a wonderful addition to the book. It really helps parents and students dig a little deeper into the book.
So how did we use the Unit Study Guide?
The Unit Study is a great way for parents to use the book to teach various curriculum subjects.
The study guide provides resources for teaching.....
Reading Comprehension
Creative Writing
Essay Writing
Quotes for Memorization
We have been extremely busy so our use of the study guide has been mostly the chapter questions that deal with vocabulary and reading comprehension. I liked how I could use these questions to see if Michael had read the chapter, but more importantly that he understood what he had read. I love the reinforcement of new vocabulary words too.
I have looked over the other suggestions in the unit study and am thrilled with the suggestions. I know we will be adding a few of them to our American Civil War study when we get into it. 
Build a log cabin, look at flags and coins from Abraham Lincoln's time period, look at photographs from the time period. This is important since this was when we get to see photos for the first time in history.  If you are lucky, planning a field trip to a site that is associated with Abraham Lincoln. We are a few hours from Washington, D.C. so maybe a trip to The White House or Ford's Theater could be a wonderful way to bring this book to life.
When Michael finishes the book, he has a few chapters to go, I'll use one of the essay writing suggestions to get him to write a paper. I love the creative essay ideas, but I love the hands on ideas so much more. I've found when kids get active and involved int heir learning they remember so much more. How fun would it be to create a cartoon about the book! I know Michael will enjoy this a lot.

What did Michael think of the book?

Michael liked how the book talked about Abraham Lincoln's childhood. He says it does skip his teen years. Abe missing his home in Kentucky as a child made a big impact on Michael.He felt sorry for the pain and sadness Abraham experienced. Michael enjoyed when they talked about Abe wanting to see a steamboat and then he gets to see plenty of them. It's a dream come true. 

Michael felt the book was pretty easy to read. He did say that some chapters are more exciting than others, but that the book isn't boring. He liked how it explained what unfamiliar topics were. For example, in one chapter Abe says the cow hows the shakes. The box explains and clarifies what the shakes are and what it meant to the people back then.This is our second book from YWAM Publishing that we've read and I have to say we have enjoyed this one just as much as our first book, Heroes of History Davy Crockett

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Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

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