Thursday, August 17, 2017

Homeschooling Outside the Home

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Whenever you meet someone new and they find out you homeschool, they always ask about socialization. It's kind of funny, because we have never found that too be a problem. In fact,we have found homeschooling to be even more social then school. In years past, we have been part of co-ops, support groups, sports, scouts, etc. There were years we were so busy that schooling actually was rather difficult. As the years have progressed, we've gotten a little wiser. We now limit some of outside commitments in order to get all our school work done. But don't worry, the kids still get out and socialize with people.

This year the kids are participating in our Catholic homeschool support group. This group will provide the kids with field trips, social events, parties for feast days, and options to attend Mass. Both kids are in our churches religious education classes and youth group. The are taking a Founding Fathers class about our government with a mom from our church. Therese will participate in her St. Zita's home ec. club again this year. I'm co-leading the club again this year. A new group for us this year is 4H. We have a homeschool 4H groups that was just started in our area, so we joined. We'll see how it goes. This past summer Therese volunteered at our local library and has decided to continue this year. Michael has decided to offer his service too. On top of all that, we'll still get together with friends when we can.

It looks like a busy year already. I love when the kids are involved in the outside world. It teaches them how to interact with people of all ages. They learn valuable life skills and will learn from the other adults they come in contact with.

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