Monday, August 7, 2017

Daybook #2~ Hello August

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Homeschooling Journey

August is here already! Summer has flown by. We've had a much cooler summer here than past years. We've hardly been in the pool. School is just around the corner! It's funny as the kids get older, the years seem to fly by even faster.

Outside My Window~ 
A cool summer day filled with soft rain showers. Right now I can hear the rain softly hit the vibrant green leaves of our trees. Birds are sweetly tweeting and of course Colonel Drumstick, our Rooster, is announcing to the world it's morning time! I am being lovingly taken care of my our sweet lab. She loves to sit next to me when I dink my morning coffee. She has only 3 thoughts that cross her mind...LOVE everyone, tennis balls, and food!

What I'm Working On in Our Homeschooling World~
I have been getting the school room back in order for the start of school. Lesson plans are almost completed. All I have left is history! I'm really loving the Homeschool Planet online planner this year. I haven't touched my paper planner too much. I may have found my new favorite planner! I still have a few more books and science supplies to order, so we are almost ready to go. Well, at least I am! I always get excited about the start of a new school year.

What I am Working On~
I'm organizing my sewing area and looking through old pictures to get back to scrapbooking. My goal this year is to get the kids scrapbooks all caught up. I'm only 7 years behind, but whose counting. We've picked out paint for Therese's room and the kitchen, so painting will be in our near future.

What I'm Thankful~
my family
lazy days of summer
our new parish
my hardworking kids
my hubby who works hard so I can stay home
beautiful flowers filling the garden with bright colors
the mercy and forgiveness of God

What I'm Reading~
Gardening with Chickens and gardening books. I want to turn the backyard into a beautiful flower garden. I'm thinking french country garden. It just needs to be chicken friendly.

What's Coming Up in the Next Few Weeks~
Nothing planned, except enjoying the last few days if summer break. We do have our county's fair coming up, so we'll probably head there for a few days.

Till Next Time,

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