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Traveling Thursdays~Buffalo Bill Center of the West

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After leaving Yellowstone, we made our way to Cody, Wyoming. It truly is a western town. The feel and the look inspires your inner cowboy.

A must see stop in Cody is the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. This is an amazing museum! It's filled with everything you need to know about the west!
The museum is HUGE. I think it's about 7 miles long. In the museum, you get to visit and explore 5 different museums. Admission includes 2 days to tour all these amazing museums. 

Draper Natural History Museum

Cody, Wy

Here you will get to explore the nature found in Yellowstone. Visitors will get to see the wildlife and ecology found in this breathtaking ares of the United States. Michael and Therese loved it here. The section has some wonderful hands on learning for kids and adults.

Buffalo Bill Museum

Cody, Wy

The Buffalo Bill Museum allows you to learn more about William F. Cody and the Buffalo Bill Wild West show. Visitors will get to explore the world of the American cowboy!

Plains Indians Museum

Cody, Wy

The Plains Indian Museum is a phenomenal exhibit with a huge collection of Native American  artifacts. Visitors will get to explore the life of the Plains Indians and see the beautiful artwork they crafted. Their history, traditions, and culture are presented and told through this outstanding collection. This collection is large and extremely well done. 

Cody Fire Arms Museum

Cody, Wy

The Cody Fire Arms Museum is filled with guns! Michael was thrilled to explore this one. His dad and him spent 2.5 hours touring this collection and they didn't even see all of it. The museum house the most comprehensive collection of firearms in the world. It is home to over 7,000 fire arms and 30,000 firearm artifacts. 

Whitney Western Art Museum

Cody, Wy

If you want to see western themed art, the Whitney Western Art Museum is the place to visit. The museum is home to paintings, sculptures, and prints all with a western theme. The artwork brings the west to life. 

We spent 2 days here and I feel like we barely scratched the surface of this amazing museum. It's affiliated with the Smithsonian, so the collection is large. You could really spend a week exploring the museum. If you ever head out west, this museum is a place you have to visit!

Cody, Wy

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