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5 Amazing Benefits of Homeschooling High School {Not Back 2 School Blog Hop}

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Contrary to popular beliefs there are plenty of advantages to homeschooling high school. You will not harm your child if they don't attend your local public school. If you think about it, in the grand scheme of things, how important are the 4 years kids spend in high school. As adults, we know our lives didn't begin or end when high school started or ended. 

So what are some of the advantages of homeschooling high school?

1. Flexibility

This is a huge bonus when choosing to homeschool. You can travel whenever. A few years ago, we took a 3 week cross country road trip. Our kids learned more about our great country than they ever would have in a stuffy classroom. You can take field trips to learn about different topics. You can plan a college trip when no else is. Your child can get an internship in a field they are interested in or a part time job to make some money for college.

2. School Tailored to Your Child's Needs and Interests

Does your child love science or English? Homeschooling allows you to create a curriculum that focuses on your child interests. They can take an extra science class, volunteer at a local animal shelter, or take college classes to see what they want to study when they go off to college. 
If your child is struggling in math, you can work at a pace that works for them. If math comes easily to them have them work harder. We have friends whose daughter completed Algebra and Geometry in one year. She loves math and enjoys getting ahead! Does your child love to read? Homeschooling gives them more time to read. Therese has read 115 books already this year!

3. College Credit

College can be started earlier. Most local community colleges allow high school students to take college classes at 15 or 16. This allows them to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Just check with your local college to see what they require. Taking college courses can save them money and time when they head off to a 4-year college.

4. Unique Learning Adventures

Learning can happen anywhere. Students can do an internship or an apprenticeship if they are looking at a trade school. Both of these options will give them real life experience which is extremely important when applying for a job. 
Our local arboretum and animal wild life center have opportunities for students who are interested in biology fields. They can take classes or participate in a weekly class. Our local vet offered our daughter a chance to spend a few days shadowing a vet to see if she really wanted to become a veterinarian. 
Is your student business minded? Do they have an idea for a business? They can research and start up their own business. This teaches them a wide variety of useful skills. 
All of these amazing learning adventures can count towards your students electives. 

5. Strong Family Bonds

At a time when most kids spend more time with their friends than their family, homeschooling allows just the opposite. Homeschooling allows those family bonds to stay strong. Siblings will be encouraged to stay close instead of ditching each other to hang with peers their own age. As a parent, you'll still be the main influence in your child's life. Society, friends, teachers, and the media will  not be shaping your child's morals and values. You can help them on the difficult path of growing up, before they head out into the world to spread their wings.

If you've been homeschooling a few years, what have you found to be a huge benefit of homeschooling? 

2019 Annual Not Back to School Homeschool Blog Hop

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  1. I love this! My oldest starts high school next year and I am a little nervous but very excited.

  2. These are all great reasons - I can't even pick which one I think is the most important to our family. Strong family bonds is definitely one of the most important ones for me.

  3. I'm hoping to get my lad into some college courses in a couple of years.


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