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Review~ Britfield & the Lost Crown

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Book Review~ English History

Do your children love stories filled with adventure? The kids and I sure do.
Over the last few weeks, we have been reading about the adventures of Tom and Sarah in the story, Britfield & the Lost Crown.

For this review, we received a Kindle eBook we downloaded. The kids and I were able to read the book on our phones and tablets with the Kindle Cloud Reader from Amazon. I keep meaning to purchase a Kindle, but just haven't gotten around to it. The book can be purchased in a variety of formats...Softcover, Hardback, Audiobook, and eBook. 

Britfield & the Lost Crown is an adventurous tale about a young boy, Tom and a young girl, Sarah who escape from a horrible life at Weatherly. Weatherly is an orphanage located in Yorkshire. The children living there have a life filled with lots of work, uncomfortable living conditions, harsh punishments, and days filled with hunger. Every child in the orphanage dreams of escaping this horrible place. After learning that his parents may still be alive, Tom plans a daring escape to discover if the rumor is true. He helps save Sarah because he couldn't bear the thought of leaving her behind. With the help of the other orphans, both Tom and Sarah are able to escape Weatherly to start a whole new life. 

Of course, things don't go so smoothly. After almost being caught during their daring escape, the two children begin a journey filled with chases from the police (a very determined detective) and mysterious men, daring hot air balloon rides, hiding out, and secrets that just keep popping up. Thankfully, the two children discover a few caring people along the way that help them with their journey. 

Will Tom ever discover the secrets of his past?
Are his parents really alive? 
Will Tom and Sarah ever have a life filled with peace and happiness? 

You'll have to order the book today to discover the answer!

For teachers and homeschoolers, there is also a Britfield Study Guide to go along with the book. It's 83 pages long and is broken up into 8 weeks. It covers vocabulary, comprehension questions, questions to dig deeper, and topics to research. It's a wonderful resources to help learn about England and English history. Adding the study guide and a few of the research topics, parents could easily make a wonderful class for a semester!
We chose not to use the study guide since the kids were reading the book during summer break.

"Tom, patience and a little faith will get you a long way in this world."

What Did We Think of Britfield & the Lost Crown?

I loved the book. You can't help cheer the orphans on as they help Tom and Sarah escape. I enjoyed the descriptions of England while I read the book. Many years ago (my college days), I studied abroad in England. For four months, I lived in London and traveled all around England. It was beautiful country and I greatly enjoyed my time there.

I loved reading about the places I had visited....Warwick Castle, Bond Street, the city of Canterbury, Oxford and St. Paul's Cathedral . The images brought back so many vivid memories of myself walking around London, Oxford University, etc. 

The charming descriptions brought the cities back to life for me. It was like walking down memory lane. I was filled with so many fond memories of my time there with friends.

The book describes in great detail the different areas of England. They allow students to imagine themselves there. I loved how the author brought in English history. There's nothing wrong with learning some new facts while enjoying a book. Learning can happen anywhere and at anytime.

The kids liked how the plot was filled with so many twists and turns.  Therese and I couldn't put the book down. We just wanted to know what would happen next. Britfield & the Lost Crown is one of those books you want to sit down and read until it's finished! We all are looking forward to the second book!
Michael though the books was good and rather entertaining. It was a quick read, but he felt it was filled with lots of action to keep everyone's attention. He felt boys would really enjoy the book with all the antics Tom and the orphans do.
We all though the book was extremely well done and children of all ages will love it. It would make a great read aloud for younger children.

Children and parents everywhere are raving about this adventurous tale. 
Children have given Britfield & the Lost Crown 9 out 10 stars.
The book has already received several awards.

Book Excellent Award
Chanticleer (5 out of 5)
2019 Purple Dragonfly 1st Place Book Awards
Kids Buzz (5 out of 5)
Story Monsters (Excellence in Literature)
Readers Favorites (5 out of 5)
Award-Winning Finalist in the Children's Fiction
2019 International Book Awards

Discover more about Tom and Sarah's adventure through England!

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