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Happy Homemaker Monday~ August 19, 2019

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Good Morning! 
I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. We had a fun weekend. Therese and I went shopping on Saturday and had a great day out together. It's always nice to have a girl's day out. We both got some new outfits for fall. My main goal heading out was to find a pair of jeans that fit well. I always have a problem with jeans fitting right. I was thrilled to find 3 pairs that I loved. 
On Sunday, we had a relaxing morning. We head to Mass in the evening and then the kiddos head to youth group. My hubby and I had a date night while the kids were hanging with friends. We enjoyed our Mexican dinner and catching up. While we were out, it stormed for a bit, but we were then greeted with a rainbow at the end.

Enough about the weekend, let's get on with Happy Homemaker Monday. Be sure to stop in and say hi to Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home. 

~ The Weather~

It's hot and humid here at the moment. With the heat index, it going to feel like it's in the triple digits. We'll see temps like this for most of the week, but will be getting a reprieve by Friday! I'll be looking forward to the cooler weather. I'm ready for fall. I want to open the widows and air out the house a bit.

Monday~ Partly Cloudy, 92*
Tuesday~ Scattered Thunderstorms, 91*
Wednesday~ Scattered Thunderstorms, 89*
Thursday~ Scattered Thunderstorms, 89*
Friday~ Partly Cloudy, 80*
Saturday~ Partly Cloudy, 76*
Sunday~ Partly Cloudy, 78*

~What's for Breakfast~ 

Coffee and a buttered gluten free English muffin. I sneaked a few chocolate cover raisins too.

~On My Nightstand~

My glasses and a bottle of lotion.

~What I'm Doing Right Now~

Typing up this post and cuddling with a big, black lab. She is glued to my leg and is sound asleep snoring away. 

~What I'm Reading~

I finished up a few books and started a new one. I'm currently reading two books at the moment. 

Same Beach, Next Year by Dorothea Benton Frank


The Summer of Sunshine and Margot by Susan Mallery

~What's on TV~

BH 90210
I decided to watch the second episode of the Beverly Hills 90510 reboot. It was slightly better than the first episode. I may give it a try for a while. 

Therese and I have been watching the reruns on TV. I love watching this show. It reminds me of my days living in New York. I love my country life now, but I sure do miss certain things from big, city life.

~On the Menu This Week~

Smoked Sausage with peppers and onions

Honey Mustard Chicken, Potatoes, Green Beans

Lemon Chicken Patties with Rice

Turkey Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Peas

Potato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Not sure yet

Roasted Chicken, Scalloped Potato, Salad

~On the To Do List~

Nail appointment... my nails desperately need it. 
Doctor's appointment
Classroom set up for my religious class

~Around the House~

Donation drop off (outgrown clothes)
Finish organizing the schoolroom

~What I'm Sewing or Creating~

Nothing this week. Therese gets her wisdom teeth removed, so I'll be busy with her.

~From the Camera~

Not a great picture of Mr. Fluffy Pants, but he sure does look content. He was staring at our other male cat. They had been playing and I think they were debating on pouncing on each other again. When those two get going, it sounds like a heard of elephants running through the house. 

~Quote for the Week~

Till Next Time,

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  1. Love the rainbow pic. I am still on the fence with the reboot of 90210. I will give it one more try this week. Have a great week!

  2. Great quote. Nice picture of your cat and looks like you have a great menu for the week. I too will continue BH90210 to see how it turns out. So ready for cooler weather too! Have a great week


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