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Review~ Books from Library and Educational Services LLC

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Can you ever have enough books? I think not.
We have shelves full of books and boxes stacked up with books. I love having a house filled with books my kids and I can read whenever we want.
As a homeschooling family that loves our books, I was thrilled when we were chosen to review Library and Educational Services LLC. 

Library and Educational Services LLC is a family owned company based out of Michigan. They offer fantastic resource to libraries, teachers, daycare centers, churches and missionaries, re-sellers, specialty shops, and homeschoolers.  The company offers a variety of wholesale books, CD's, DVD's that will delight both young and old. The books are carefully chosen to make sure they fit in with a Christian/biblical teaching. They have 1,000's of books to choose from and ship all over the world. The toughest decision to make with this company is trying to figure out which books to choose. Don't worry though, customer satisfactions is guaranteed. Customers can call and get all their questions answered. 

What Did We Receive for this Review?

For this review, we received a wonderful selection of books that Library and Educational Services LLC offers to their customers.

Who Was Alexander the Great? from the Who was....series

This is one of the companies most popular book series. If you have children in elementary and middle school, you're probably familiar with this series. They're listed on the New York Times best selling list for a series. The series can be divided into 3 types.

Who was...?
Where is...?
What was....?

Library and Education Services LLC has over 150 titles to chose from in this series at a great price! They can be purchased in sets or individually. 

My kids loved this series when they were younger. They were perfect additions to our history curriculum over the years. The books introduced my kids to famous people and important events from history. These are just a few of the titles my kids enjoyed reading for history.

What was the Battle of Gettysburg?
What was the Boston Tea Party?
What was Ellis Island?
Who was Abraham Lincoln?
Who was Albert Einstein?
Who was Amelia Earhart?
Who was Anne Frank?

They both read a ton more from this series. I'd be here all day typing up that list. The books themselves are perfect for new readers and experienced readers. They are about 100 pages and have fun drawings spread throughout the book. The chapters are fairly short and the type is crisp and clean. Since the books are rather short, kids won't loose interest. They'll enjoy reading the book and actually learn a thing or two. 

Pride and Prejudice from the Lighthouse CD series

This Pride and Prejudice CD is part of the Lifehouse Theater On-The-Air collection published by Lifehouse Publications. These audio collections were designed to entertain, educate, and spiritually stimulate listeners of all ages. The stories come from classic literature, history,or the bible. Library and Education Services currently sells seven different titles.

Trapped in Aesop's Fables
The Misadventures of Tom Sawyer
The Princess and the Pigs
Pride and Prejudice
Job- A Modern Man
Hiding in Plain Sight
The Emperor's New Clothes

For this review, the kids and I received Pride and Prejudice. This story is geared for children 8 and up. It's approximately 73 minutes long. Perfect for a longer car trip!

Our story follows the dilemmas of the Bennet family as they pursue romantic antics and intrigue amidst the backdrop of frustrating social conventions. This charming story brings to life the wit and wisdom created by Jane Austin in her 1813 novel. 

American Revolution Through Primary Sources...Set of 4 books

Why We Won the American Revolution
The Making of the United States from the Thirteen Colonies

Washington's Crossing the Delaware at Valley Forge
American Indians and African Americans of the American Revolution 

World War II: Essential Histories Set of 6 Books

Europe 1939-1943
Northwest Europe 1944-1945
The Mediterranean 1940-1945
The Eastern Front 1941-1945
The Pacific
The War at Sea

All 10 of these books are part of the Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Non-Fiction Books. They all arrived vacuumed sealed in plastic wrap and in perfect condition. They have sturdy hardback covers and thick pages. The books are meant to withstand years of reading or little hands (if you still have them). They can be eaten by a puppy, so I'd recommend keeping them out of  the reach of puppies that are teething or cats that like to chew the corners of books. Yup, we know all about that here!

We picked these two sets because they were listed under the high school grade levels. I have to admit that I did find the American Revolution set to be geared to a younger audience, perhaps middle school. They'll still work for high school, but they will be an easier read for both Michael and Therese. I doubt they'll complain. The World War II books are definitely geared for older students.

I love how we'll be able to use these books along with our American History curriculum next year. They'll be the perfect addition to our lessons. Both Michael and Therese can use them as supplemental reading or use them for reports that they will be assigned during the year. These books will give them an additional resources to gather facts and information!

The Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding  Non-Fiction books cover a wide range of topics. They have 100's of books to chose from! They even have books that are bilingual. Students can practice that foreign language they are learning.

Books for Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten
Books for Grades 1st through 12th
Social Studies
Learning Careers

With so many books to choose from at great prices, families can build their own library at home! 
Want to find out more about all the great books they have to offer?

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