Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Weekly-Up

In our homeschool this week....Nothing! At least that is what the kids would say. I have been getting things organized for our Monday co-op and preparing lesson for our own schooling next year. I am making up lesson plans to go along with our Classically Catholic Memory book.  I am hoping to be done by August, which gives me a week. A WEEK!! Where did July go? Where has summer gone?

In our life....HOT! HOT! HOT! It has been scorching hot here. The temperature has been showing 100 degrees almost everyday. Even the cats don't want to go out.

Too hot to move

Her tongue sticking out says it all

We spent 2 days floating lazily in the pool.

Well, I guess I should say the kids have spent 2 days playing the pool. Mama picked beans first and then jumped in the pool to cool down. Picking beans when its 100 degrees out is not fun., but the beans were excellent with dinner. I love our garden.

Lettuce and Carrots.
They are in pots so the furry, little cottontails don't eat them.

Lego Man's corn.
It's now up to my shoulder, so almost 5 ft. tall.

What the kids are reading... Lego Man is reading Peter Pan.

 It's from his list of books to red for the upcoming school year. I suggested it last year but he wasn't interested. Now, suddenly he is!

Princess P is reading various books from our own shelves....Fancy Nancy, The Berenstain Bears, Amelia Bedelia, and the Magic Tree House series.

What I am reading.....The Rules of Saint Benedict. You can find a free online version here

What the kids have been up to...Creating and playing with Legos. They have created homes, houseboats, reenacted battles from the Vietnam War (Lego Man was reading books about the war, so everything has been about it).

Our little homestead....The chickens are getting big, but still no eggs yet. The dog no longer chases them, however the cats still try to pounce on them. The chickens are winning that battle so far.

I am really enjoying the girls!

What I am praying grandaddy. He is 92 years old. He has had some swelling in his leg and foot making it difficult to walk. He's been in a wheelchair for the past week. He was hospitalized and is being treated with fluids and antibiotics. He seems to be improving. I hope he is able to go home soon. 


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