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Review~ Life With Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment

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Life with Dog Review

Do you plan movie nights in your house? We do! We love popping some popcorn, curling up on the couch together, and watching a good movie. Recently, Therese and I did just that. The boys were out of town, so we had a few nights of girl time. One of the movies we watched while the boys were away was Life with Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment. We received a copy of the mail to view at home.

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Life with Dog is a story about Joe Bigler. Joe recently lost his wife Alice in a mysterious bike accident. He is left alone to figure out how to grieve. Joe doesn't believe in God and has no faith to help him through this devastating time. Alice's mysterious death, the company buying up the house in his neighborhood, and a mysterious man that lurks around at night causes Joe to have too many unanswered questions. His daughter tries to help him by bring the pastor from his late wife's church, but Joe wants no part of it. His unanswered questions and paranoia lead him down a dark path filled with rage. 
One day a scruffy looking dog wanders into his late wife's rose garden and won't leave. Joe tries various ways to get the dog to go, but he just won't go. Joe finally gives in and name shim Dog. The constant companion of dog gives Joe someone to talk to, share his feelings with, and eventually find peace with. 
Dog's love slowly reveals God's Love.

Life with Dog stars Corbin Bernsen, Marilu Henner, and Chelsey Crisp. The story was written and directed by Corbin Bernsen.  The movie is 106 minutes and not-rated.  I would say the movie would be best for children 12 and up. The movie is a heart-felt story about God's love, faith in God, and the power of forgiveness. The movie will be available for purchase at Walmart on June 6th. Right now, you can pre-order the DVD at Walmart for $11.99.

I love faith-based movies that inspire a person's faith in God to grow. For me this movie had a difficult time getting this message across. I really wanted to love this story about a man who finds faith with the help of a dog. I just felt the movie was strange. I found the plot slightly confusing. It seemed a little too busy to me. Too many questions being thrown in causing the viewers to become confused. The story ended up feeling unrealistic and far-fetched. There were just too many story lines trying to be woven into the plot. I think if they would have focused on one story line and the finding of faith with the help of Dog the movie would have been easier to watch and understand. I had a hard time liking Joe. He was angry, gruff, and someone I would not want to be around. Even at the end of the movie, I still didn't care for his character. 
Dog, on other hand, was the best. He was scruffy looking but had the sweetest eyes. I loved his little mohawk. He was tender and loving, but stubborn at the same time. He was the perfect match for Joe.

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