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Review~ The Wars of the Jews from Memoria Press

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Studying ancient history is extremely important to use, especially when it pertains to our faith. 
I was thrilled when the kids were given the opportunity to review The Wars of the Jews set from Memoria Press. We were already studying the early life of the Christians, so I felt this would be a fantastic set to add to our studies!

Memoria Press is a leading homeschool curriculum company that provides a variety of resources for families that use the classical Christian approach in their homeschooling journey. They offer a wonderful selection of materials for students of all ages. Families can purchase curriculum by grade, by subject, or by ordering an entire package already created for students. Phonics, spelling, history, Latin, Greek, science, writing, grammar, logic, literature, poetry, art, and music are just a few of the topics covered with the materials provided by Memoria Press. 

For this review, we received a physical copy of The Wars of the Jews set. The set included The Wars of the Jews text, the student guide, and the teacher guide. The set is recommended for students in grades 9 and up. The 3-piece set can be purchased for $34.90. Additional student texts and guides can be purchased individually for families homeschooling more than one student in that grade. 

The Wars of the Jews focuses on the works of Flavius Josephus. His work is considered extremely important to many. His detailed stories of the Jewish history is amazing and considered very valuable. This set from Memoria Press does not cover the entire works of Josephus. There is no way a high school student could cover it all. Instead, this section of his work covers the fall of Jerusalem. It specifically deals with the conflict between the Romans and the Jews.  This section provides readers with key characters and events that take place, as well as the political situation going on at the time. 

The Wars of the Jews text covers Book V, chapters 6 through 13 and Book VI, chapters 1 through 10. The book also contains maps, a few black and white pictures of Jewish landmarks. A few of the places and items pictures are the Wall of Jerusalem, the Arch of Titus in Rome, the Triumph of Titus, and Spoils of Jerusalem. At the back of the book is the endnotes section. 

The student guide provides 10 lessons for the students to work through. Following the 10th lesson is a review lesson. This could easily be used as a quiz or test. Each lesson includes words to know, important quotes for the students to know, and comprehension questions about the material they read in the text. The first lesson does contain a few vocabulary words too. 

The teacher guide is the answer key to the student guide. It also includes the test (in the student guide) and test answer key. 

We've never been disappointed with any of the materials we've used from Memoria Press. I find all their student guides challenging and great for encouraging learning. The Wars of the Jews set was no exception. The text was easy for Michael and Therese to read through. It was rather simple and straight forward. The both read the text (they shared this book) and then work though their own student guide. I purchased a second student guide for Therese to use. I encouraged them to write the vocabulary words and words to know in a separate notebook to help with their memorization. I'm also requiring them to memorize one quote from lessons 1 through 5 and lessons 6 through 10. Two quotes to memorize doesn't seem too much to ask. We're not quite done the book. We've been working through one lesson a week. Right now, my goal is to stop for the year and pick up with our Roman history study next fall. We may have to review the first few weeks next year, but that's O.K.

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