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Our United States Scrapbook~ Georgia

"Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation"

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Georgia State Flag coloring page

The Peach State

Peach coloring page

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Legend of the Cherokee Rose

When gold was found in Georgia, the United States government forgot the treaties it had made with the Cherokee. They drove the Cherokee to Oklahoma. many Cherokee died during their journey west. This journey is called the Trail of Tears. The mothers of the Cherokee were grieving and crying. They were unable to protect and help their children survive this long, terrible journey. The elders of the tribe prayed for a sign that would lift the mother's spirit to give them strength during their journey. God, looking down from heaven, decided to honor the brave Cherokee. As the blood of the braves and the tears of the maidens fell to the ground, he turned them into stone in the shape of the Cherokee Rose.
The next day a beautiful rose started to grow where each of the mother's tears had fallen. The rose was white for their tears. The center was gold to represent the gold taken from the Cherokee lands. There are seven leaves on each stem for the seven Cherokee clans.
The wild Cherokee Rose grows along the route of the Trail of Tears into eastern Oklahoma today. 
The Cherokee Rose represents the pain and suffering the Cherokee people had to endure.
You can read more about here.

Cherokee Rose coloring page
Cherokee Chief coloring page
Cherokee Nation coloring page

State Crop~ Peanuts

Peanut coloring page
Peanut Plant labeled coloring page

Source~ Wikipedia

Craft and lesson ideas for George Washington Carver can be found here
George Washington Carver lesson idea

Books We Used

 P is for Peach: A Georgia Alphabet

Lesson Guide from Sleeping Bear Press.

Making your own peanut butter

Alton Brown recipe

Here is another recipe from one of my favorite sites for canning information and jelly making!
Pick Your Own

Recipes to try

Peach Crumb Pie

Peach Mug Pie

Georgia Cookie Candy

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