Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Last Friday, we headed out to a local pumpkin patch for a fun filled day. The weather was beautiful.
We first attended Mass and then headed to the pumpkin patch for a picnic.

The kids were able to see pig races, drive tractors, slide down haystacks, race ducks in water, feed sheep and goats,and hang out with friends while the moms got a chance to chat and catch up on how things have been going. It's always nice to sit down and chat with friends.

After a while, the kids wanted to head into the corn maze.

So we rounded everyone up and headed into the unknown. The path was marked with clues (questions about angry birds). We decided to take the easy path, which was a good thing. The sign said it would take 30 minutes if no wrong turns were made. We should have known this was not a good idea.

Needless to say, we made a few wrong turns. We didn't know enough about angry birds and than we just got lost! 
After an hour of wandering around and only on the 3rd clue (and there were 10) we decided to give up. Kids were getting hungry, thirsty and a few even had to use the bathroom. We were hot, tired and getting desperate. We moms were just lost and confused. I will gladly admit that I am horrible with directions. 
So what did we do.....we walked straight through the corn. We ended coming out near a fence and followed it all the way to the pumpkin patch. We were way off!

Cries of elation as we found our way out of the cornfield.
Next year, I suggest apple picking instead!

After our adventure in the corn maze, we went on a hayride around the farm.
We had a fantastic time with friends, but I doubt we will be going into a corn maze anytime soon.

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