Friday, October 25, 2013

Our United States Scrapbook~ Connecticut

"Qui Transtulit Sustinet"
" He Who is Transplanted Still Sustains"

source~ Wikipedia

Coloring Page of State Flag

We located Connecticut on our United States map.

Coloring page of an outline map
Coloring page of state with state bird and state flower

State Flower~ Mountain Laurel


State Flower coloring page

State Bird~ American Robin


State Bird coloring page

We had fun with our Robin painting project.

State Song~ Yankee Doodle

Sprit of '76 ( Yankee Doodle)
source~ Wikipedia

Coloring page of Yankee Doodle 

We listened to it on our Wee Sing America CD and learned all the lyrics.


Other pages we used...
Connecticut Quarter coloring page from the US Mint

Books we used for our study.



Recipes to Try

This year I added some more work to the state study. The kids are coloring in the states as we do them on a state map in the front of their State Notebook.

United States Outline Map coloring page

For each state, Lego Man and Princess P are filling out some notebooking pages. You can find them over at Harrington Harmonies
They are perfect for what we are doing. I like that the kids have to write the information down. I think it will help them retain some of the information better.
I also found a few printable worksheets. There are word searches, crossword puzzles, vocabulary sheets, and coloring pages! Lego Man loves word searches, so he really enjoys them.

Another resource we are using this year are a set of State books from Highlights my kids received from their grandmother. She gave them to me a few years ago when the kids weren't ready for them and I had forgotten about them. They are filled with a bunch of information and a map of each state!
Our books are over 10 years old, but Highlights still has similar set called Which Way USA.
I don't have the newer books so I can't confirm they are the same, but you may want to check them out.

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