Friday, October 25, 2013

Robins Inspired by Georges Seurat

June Homeschool Round UP {Homeschool Collection}

The past few weeks, we have been studying the artist Georges-Pierre Seurat. 

source~ Wikipedia

For 12 weeks, we study one artist in detail. We learn about their life and study their paintings.

The Seine and la Grande Jette

A Sunday on the Island of La Grande Jette

To go along with our lesson, we painted a Robin in the style of Seurat. I chose Robins because we were studying the state of Connecticut and their state bird is the American Robin. I figured I would tie in two subjects into one fun project!

Princess P's Artwork

Mama's artwork trying to show different brush strokes

Lego Man's robin with it's Toucan bill.

Till Next Time,

June Home School Round Up {Homeschool Collection}

June Homeschool Round UP {Homeschool Collection}

1 comment:

  1. I didn't get a hance to see your Seurat study last week ----clicking over now.
    Love what you did with the kids.
    Pinning for the future...

    we have yet to finish Picasso and I think I'll move to this artist.....he does look like fun. I remember an art hist teacher in college discussing his work like it was yesterday.

    Thanks for sharing,. The kids did some great pieces there


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