Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes/Weekly Wrap Up


Boy this week had been busy! It's hard to believe that Christmas Day has come and gone. I can't believe that the Epiphany is almost here. This week I have been busy training the new puppy.

she is a cutie

I am forever saying don't eat (oops...I meant to say chase) the cat...

poor kitty


The girls really don't like being chased.
Poor Sunshine was being dragged around the yard by her head. She was unharmed but definitely was a little ticked off when she was finally let go.
She let me know she was mad with all her clucking!


 Of course, I have tried to play catch up with the laundry. I ALWAYS seem to fall behind or somehow it breeds down there! We made gingerbread houses which is always fun.

The kitties have really enjoyed the houses. I catch them nibbling them whenever I enter the dinning room.


We have finished our lessons for 2013! 
The kids are very excited to be done with classes.
I have to be honest, I am excited to be done too! 
We will be starting up school again on Monday.
The kids are so excited...not!


The snow was gone and we were having some warm days here. It definitely doesn't feel like Christmas outside!
We took advantage of the warm weather to play outside and get some fresh air.

We know have snow again on the ground.  Miss M is very happy to be playing outside in the snow.
I got toe warmers ( my hubby is so practical) for Christmas, so I am looking forward to playing in the snow!


We celebrated the New Year together as a family. I made a gluten free copycat recipe of PF Changs Lettuce wraps. They were so yummy!!! I'll share the recipe next week. We played games and watched reruns of the Andy Griffith show. 

We certainly didn't watch any of the main channels celebrations on TV. It's sad when children can't even watch the ball drop because of the filth that is being talked about on the channels. Someone really needs to do a wholesome, family centered New Year's celebration for families to be able to watch!


We headed to the library today before the snow came in. We had to gt our books for the start if school next week. I will be spending this weekend reorganizing our lesson plans and making a few changes to our studies!
I am hoping the kids will be excited with the changes I am making.
I think they will like the changes.


I just ordered some free stuff with a $20 gift card from Amazon. I got it from searching the web using Swagbucks!
Just by searching all the stuff I normally do, I earn points for free stuff. I always pick the Amazon gift cards.
I get about $60-$100 worth of free gift cards for doing what I normally do. 
Haven't tried Swagbucks, you should!
You can find out more about it HERE.

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