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Christmas! I just love seeing the Christmas tree and its colorful lights.
This year, we had to keep the bottom limbs free from ornaments since a certain puppy didn't like the ornaments that danged from the them. I guess they were just a little too tempting!


Everyone was happy(and feeling fine) Christmas morning. The children were very excited to open their gifts.
Even the dog was eager to tear into her presents.

She's pretty happy with her peanut butter rawhide chew toy.

The kids loved their presents.

Lego Man got a deer target for his bow and arrow.
It was a BIG hit.

Princess P got an antique kitchen for her dolls.
Her favorite gift was a Just Like Me doll from American girl.


Traveling Wise Men~ Day 25

I was a little sneaky with the three wise men on Christmas day. I hid them in the Christmas tree.
I knew it would be tricky ( at least I thought it would be) to find them since there are so many other ornaments on the tree.

I was rather shocked on how quickly they found them! Both Princess P and Lego Man noticed them before they even started opening presents.
I think it took them less than 15 minutes to notice them.
I guess Mama wasn't as clever as I thought.


Christmas eve we went to Mass and then had dinner at our local chinese restaurant. It's a tradition we have done for 6 years now.
Unfortunately, the dinner didn't agree with Princess P. I was woken up at 2:30 a.m by a little girl standing by my bed saying she threw up. She was sure to say she didn't throw up in her bed, but in the bathroom.
So, I got out of bed. I helped clean her up and sat up with her while her poor little stomach got rid of the rest of the "bad" food. She finally fell asleep around 4:00. 
Of course, Lego Man was by my bed at 6:00 eager and ready to open his presents.
Thankfully, Princess P woke up feeling perfectly fine. I would've hated for her to be sick again for another Christmas.
She has been sick for 3 of her 8 Christmas'....poor thing.

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