Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birds of Prey Matching Game

We have been studying Eagles and other birds of prey this past month. 

Turkey Vulture

American Kestrel

Last year, the kids really enjoyed our nature study of birds and asked for us to get back to it.
I added it to our lesson plans for the rest of the year.
While taking care of sick kids, I got online and created a fun matching game for my kids to play. I am hoping it will increase their knowledge of different birds of prey.
I made a few easy ones, but there are a few tricky ones too!
The different hawks and falcons can be a little challenging to non-birding folks.
But hey, you have to make it challenging to keep the kiddos interested sometimes!

All kids have to do is read the name cards.

Look through the photos...

and match up the birds with their correct names.

You can download your own copy for some fun learning!

Birds of Prey Name Cards
Birds of Prey Photo Cards
Answer Key

I would print the photos and name cards on card stock.
You could even laminate them for more durability.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. I'll be doing this with the kids for sure! We have a bird feeder hanging right in our large living room window and a basket of bird books and stuffed bird toys. I think we're raising some bird watchers and this will help them learn about the ones we don't see up close.


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