Monday, January 6, 2014

Moments of Grace

Hi friends! Today, I am linking up with Jenny from Plain Grace.

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I am thankful for......
homeschooling my kids
a hubby that will take care of me when I am sick
firewood and my young man who brings it in everyday
playing dolls with my sweet little princess
a dog to keep my feet warm
the start of a new year

I am praying for....
For me to feel better soon and to get over this flu. There is so much to do and I hate feeling sick.
My grandfather that he may continue to improve. He is now taking a few steps. I pray God continues to give him his strength back. For all those people affected by the cold. frigid temps that are stretching across the country.

I am listening to...
Mysteries by Danielle Rose. They are beautiful songs about the rosary. I received the CD as a Christmas present and am enjoying it immensely.

I am reading....
A Good Dog: The Story of Orson, Who Changed My Life. I just started reading this book last night but after going online  and seeing the reviews I don't know if I could finish it. It's about a man that takes in a Border collie and then makes the decision to euthanize him. The Border collie is only 8 and perfectly healthy. I would like to try to finish it just to see why he chose that horrible choice, but I'm not sure I can after losing out lovable Border collie two months ago.

I don't think I could read about a man who gives up on his dog. I would love to have our crazy, fun loving, non-listening Border collie back. He was a handful, but he was still a part of the family. I may have to stop reading and pick it back up when the wound isn't so fresh. I think the book would just make me mad and sad.
Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor)

On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Century

A favorite quote right now....

What I am pondering.....
How to make this year better. I want to focus more on the positive and appreciate all the blessings I have been given. Too often we stuck on what we don't have or what could be better. We forget to stop and give thanks for all that we have. We take so much for granted in life. My goal this year is to stay positive and appreciate all the small stuff that makes up every day life.

What I am working on....
I am trying to get the house declutter and organized. One of my goals this year is to spend less time cleaning and more time with my family. With homeschooling, housework, and everything else going on our house turns into a disaster zone. 
I am also working on starting my Esty store with girls dresses, skirts, doll clothes and doll food. My goal is to have it up and running by February! Princess P is helping, so I am excited to be starting this journey.

What I am looking ahead to....
Staying warm tomorrow when our temps will be in 11 degrees but will be in the negatives with the wind chill. It will be a good day to cuddle together around the fire. 


A rare moment when the cat and dog get along.


  1. It is super cold here today in Fort Worth too!
    I love your quote from Mother Teresa... Let us begin. So simple. So meaningful. love.
    I wish I could sew. I hope you do share your store name.

  2. So with you on decluttering!!

  3. I hope you will feel better soon, and that your grandfather will be stronger, too.

    My daughter has a female lab who can be -- to borrow your term -- a handful. But you are right, she has been part of the family from day one. All the work is worth it. She is so loyal, trusting, and funny!

    Thank you for reminding me to spend less time cleaning and more time just being with my family. There will always be something to do around the house, but time with one's family once lost is forever lost.

    'Hope to visit your blog again. God bless.


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