Thursday, February 27, 2014

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This past weekend we had a rare warm day of 60 degrees. After spending so many days indoors, everyone ventured outside. It was wonderful to feel the warm sunshine. It was great to just be outside and not freeze to death.

Even Mama Kitty strolled outdoors. 
She stayed out all day enjoying the fresh air. She is not a kitty that likes the snow, the cold, or the rain.


Lego Man was excited to be able to head out and shoot his rocket he got for his birthday from a friend.
He couldn't wait to see how high it could go.

Of course, Toughy was happy to chase after the rockets as they flew across the yard and up into the sky.

The only bad part of living in the woods is all the trees.
Unfortunately, some of the rockets landed in tree branches.

It was was wonderful day to play outside and get some much needed fresh air.


Maddie found a stick to play with or more appropriately said she found a big old tree limb.
It was funny to watch her try to carry around the log since it was bigger than her.

Three rockets came with the rocket launcher and two rockets were snagged in the tree. Thankfully we were able to knock them down out of the tree with a soccer ball.


Our sweet little puppy isn't so little anymore. She is now larger than our last dog and is still growing.
She is such a sweetheart and loves her family.

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