Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 Signs You Have Too Much Snow and Are Ready For Spring

Last week we got 30 inches of snow. Last night we added an inch to that pile. It doesn't seem like we will ever see grass again. For most of winter, the snow we have been blessed with has stayed and stayed. We usually are not this cold, so we get snow, it gets warm, it melts and we see grass.

1. You can't open the back door because of the snow piled against it.

2. You shovel and the snow seems to magically reappear in the shoveled spots...creating a wonderful ice skating rink on the sidewalk and stairs.

4. Snow boots and snow clothes stay wet from all the sledding.

5. The sled cracks from all the use it's getting or it could just be old since it was my sled as a child. I'm not saying how old the sled is.

3. The weather man says there is more snow in our future and the kids groan!

4. Your adult neighbors makes a giant snowman at the end of their driveway to greet neighbors as they drive pass by.

5. They girls (chickens) squawk loudly at you when you open the door of the coop and they see snow. They refuse to get out and walk on the snow. You have to carry them to the shoveled area and the porch. They fly on top of the porch and stare in waiting for you to let them in.

6. The puppy refuses to use the potty outside since there is no grass to see.

7. When the temperatures reach the high 30's, you think it's warm out and the kids think they can go coatless!

8. The cats head out,hide under the porch and then wait for someone to rescue them.

or they will only walk on the porch railings.

9. The robins have arrived for spring and can't find the ground.

10. I am tired of cold toes and cold fingers. I want to feel a warm breeze blowing across and the warm sunshine on my face.

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  1. I'm with you there all the way! We're wintering in MI this year and it's positively snow bound and cold! Come on spring! I don't want to miss the time left of winter but I can do without the snow and cold.

    1. I agree! Winter can stay as long as the snow and cold temps stay away.

  2. Ha ha ha! I feel so bad for everyone who was hit with so much snow this year. It really does get old, I remember that from when I lived in northern Illinois. Hang in there and I hope spring weather arrives sooner than later!

    1. I don't mind some snow, but when it stays on the ground and you hardly see grass it wears on you. I would so love to spend my winters somewhere warm....maybe when we retire.

  3. Up here in the frozen North (Canada) my dh is convinced that he won't have the mow the lawn until June. At the earliest.

    Found you via BYB


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