Thursday, February 27, 2014

Discovery Museum Field Trip

This past Monday, we went on a field trip with our CCM homeschool co-op. We visited our local children's museum. It's small but the kids really enjoyed it. We had the children signed up for two different classes.
The younger kids, grades Prek-2nd, were signed up for a class about water called Water, Water Everywhere. The older kids, grades 3rd-6th, were signed up for a class about wind and weather called Wind and Weather.

Both museum educators were amazing with the kids. They kept the energy up and really involved the children in the learning process. The asked questions that would lead the children to think and come up with the answers to the scientific experiment being done. I sat in on the older kids class. They learned about pressure and how clouds are formed.

After the class, the children were able to roam about and play in the museum.

There were displays with gears, an apple packing plant that utilized simple machines like levers and pulleys, the kids could build their own roller coaster, a hospital area with an ambulance and a rock climbing wall.

This museum is relocating to a new facilty in April. It will be larger and will have more exhibits. We are looking forward to going back with friends to discover some new exhibits and have some more adventures.

Do you have a science or children's discovery museum in you area that you enjoy?
Leave a comment and let others know about it. Road trips are always fun!

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