Friday, February 21, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal/Our Weekly Wrap Up

In our homeschool this week.....
We are back into the swing of things! This was supposed to be our first full week back to school since the flu hit us and the death of my grandfather. Monday we had co-op. The children exchanged St. Valentine's day cards with their friends and I taught a fun art lesson to the preschool and kindergarten class. We painted a snow scene, which went well with ALL the snow we have gotten lately.
Tuesday was a rough day. It's always hard to get back to doing school when there have been so many breaks. It makes for a long, frustrating day.
On Wednesday, I was woken up during the night to a tiny voice calling for her mommy. Princess P is sick again with the flu. My poor little girl. She took another day off, while Lego Man did the basics math, spelling, cursive, and writing. We played a matching game I created for the kids to help them learn about the different types of birds of prey.

They find the name of the bird and match it with the correct picture. I even made a cheat sheet for moms. It's a free check it out! I will admit it's rather simple, but it gets the job down.
On Thursday, Lego Man continued with his lessons while Princess P lounged on the couch. I hope she feels better soon.
On Friday, Lego Man completed two of his tests. He had a spelling test and a math test to complete. The rest of the day was spent having fun playing games, since Princess P has started to feel a little better.

In my life....
Laundry and more laundry! A certain little puppy has taken to peeing on the throw rugs in the house. She doesn't like the snow. So she has added some extra laundry to my already growing pile. It wouldn't be too bad if I could hang them outdoors.

I am hoping we get no more snow this winter, but I think I heard the weather man say that there may be more snow next Tuesday.
Ugh! Will winter ever end?
We are starting to see grass again and this Saturday it's going to be 58 degrees here!!!! I am so excited. I am dreading the mud that is going to occur with all that snow melting.
I tried a new recipe with smoked sausage this week. The family seemed to enjoy it. I'll try to get the recipe posted soon.

What I am reading.....
I started reading the Wheat Belly book and the Wheat Belly Cookbook.

I am really enjoying these books. The books provide plenty of information on why we have issues with wheat and why we should avoid eating wheat. The wheat our ancestors ate is not what we are eating. It's scary what has been done to our food supply and it's allowed.
I can't wait to try some of the yummy recipes.
There are recipes for breads, cakes, pancakes, and so much more.
I think Princess P will be one happy little girl.

What the kids are reading...
Lego Man is still reading the Hobbit.  I would love to sit in and have him read to me, but for some reason when my kids read to me I start to doze of to sleep. I know that is horrible. I can't be the only mom that happens to, can I?
Princess P is reading the Horse Diaries. She finished with book 1 and has moved onto book 2.

Things I am thinking about....
Disney's Frozen.

There has been a blog post floating around the big world of the Internet about how it is horrible and has all these hidden agendas.
I think sometimes people just over analyze or over think something.
Was the movie great? No, it's Disney.
Did we like it? Yes, I do think it was one of their better movies. It appealed to both boys and girls.
We loved Olaf!
The only complaint I had was that there was no need to make Elsa a sex kitten when she was singing her song about how she was free now.
It's a kids movie! Her gown did not have to have a slit up to her thigh and she didn't need to walk seductively across her ice castle. It just annoys me how society tries to make girls grow up too soon. Princess P received the dolls for Christmas and noticed right away that her dress didn't have a slit. She wanted to know why it did in the movie.
How do you tell her because sex sells?

What I am working on.....
I hemmed all of Lego Man's sleep pants. We bought them with room to grow but they are too long. I just added elastic to the bottoms and now they work great. No more walking on the pants or tripping on them as he walks down the hall. I have started to rework a brown plaid skirt I got at the thrift store. It was a size 16 but only $2. I am going to make a skirt for me and maybe Princess P.

What I am praying for....
My family as they begin to heal with the lose of my grandfather. My great aunt who had a mini stroke. My great aunt's husband who has cancer and my uncle who has leukemia.
On a less serious note, I am praying the house stays clean for at least a week!


  1. LOVE your birds of prey unit! When my sons were in Cub Scouts we'd have the local Raptor Rehab group come to a meeting every other year - it was always a favorite with kids and parents alike :) One very special year they brought a bald eagle - I'll never forget it!

    1. Thank you! My kids love learning about nature. My son would have loved seeing a bald eagle up close.

  2. Hey, I'm with you on Frozen. We are counting down the days breathlessly waiting for it to come out on DVD. Even if you don't like the movie, the soundtrack is AMAZING. Great job with the animal identification cards. Simple and clean is always best.


    1. I know my daughter is waiting for it to come out on DVD. I'm sure she would love the soundtrack too.

  3. I love your birds activity! What a fun way to learn!

    I also want to add my condolences regarding your grandfather's passing.

    1. Thank you, he will be missed. I am just happy he is reuntied with my grandmother after 24 years of being apart.

  4. I love the Birds of Prey matching game...I will have to come up with something like that for my kids :-) We too have had a little too much snow here in MN. We just got 10.5 inches in one storm and now the cold is coming back...I am ready to move south!

    1. You can download this one for free, if you would like to use it. I.m sure I will do more as we get into other birds.

  5. I'm sorry your family is going through so much illness and hard times. I know what that's like. It sounds like you're all doing a great amount of learning despite the setbacks though. I have been concerned about wheat and sugar too. I've been off them both for about 6 weeks and feel so much better. I'm making some small, gradual changes for the rest of my family too. We use only xylitol, coconut sugar, and maple syrup for sweetening now. Still working on the wheat! The book sounds like a good one for me to read. Thanks for sharing over at Friendship Friday. Please do come again. I hope you'll consider writing a more detailed book review of the Wheat Belly books!

    1. We have switched a lot of our old foods for new healthy ones. I think I am finally getting the hand of working with other flours besides wheat.


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