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Classically Catholic Memory Gamma Year ~ Week 9

The United States

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Well, we are slowly traveling through the United States. This week, we are looking at a few of the plains states and grand old Texas. We labeled our map from CCM. The kids worked on the coloring pages for the states we were learning this week. After coloring in the state, they located the capital and wrote the name down on the map. Another fun idea when learning the states would be to have the kids color each state's flag!



This week we are learning about the precepts of the Church. We read about them in the Baltimore Catechism. Here is a link for a free online source.  We spent the two weeks talking about each one, what it meant, and why is it important for us to obey them.

We are finishing up the Sanctus. The kids have ti down. We even find ourselves saying in Latin at Mass.
A wonderful site called, That Resource Site, has a prayer card learning set for the Sanctus.  I printed it our for my kids and they used it to practice every night before bed. I did find a file folder game for the Sanctus. you can purchase a file download of a memory game and a puzzle to help the kids to learn the prayer. You can check it out over at ed snap shots.


Ten rhymes with hen, so I had to use baby chicks. Learning the multiples of ten is fun and easy. 
Counting dimes is probably one of the easiest ways for kids to pick up on them. They can count by 10 using their fingers and toes. 

Playing a fun game of toss across can help. We used painters tape to make squares on the floor. After the kids threw the beans bags into the squares they had to add up their points by counting by ten. 

Here are two worksheets to help older kids practice their multiples of 10 facts.

Great Words~
We are finally moving on! Now that we are done with the poem about Christopher Columbus, we are now on our way to learning an expert of the Declaration of Independence.

As usual we read over the section being studied for the week. I had the kids write out the selection to help with their memorization. we just used a plan old notebook. You can find some themed notebooking pages online, if you feel like it. I didn't want to spend any unnecessary funds.

This week we talked about the Enlightenment period and the Scientific Revolution. We focused on learning about the different inventions that famous scientist invented. We checked out a few books from the library.


Were lucky enough to visit the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C a few months ago. While there the kids explored the section called Explore the Universe. It was a wonderful exhibit that looked at all the astronomical instruments that were invented and how they changed the way we viewed the universe.

To learn more about the scientific revolution, you can head on over to Mr. Donn's website and get a wonderful overview of the subject.
We didn't do much hands-on learning for this section, since we had visited the museum. It was filled with so much for the kids to do. I was pleased with all they had remembered from the museum. Real life learning at its best.

Science~ Energy

First off, we headed to the library to check out some books about energy. 


We watched a few videos online about energy from Visual Learning Systems. We enjoyed watching the videos. After viewing them, we worked on a few of the sheets that can be printed out. If you want to learn more about what Visual Learning Systems has to offer, you can check out my review for them. 
For experiments, we just followed along in the CCM books.

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