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TOS Review for Tales from the Circle C Ranch Book

Are you tired of books geared for young girls that focus on dating, make-up, boys, and fashion? 
Are you tired of vampires and girl drama? 
Do you want your daughter to read better quality literature?
Well head on over to the Circle C Ranch! 

My daughter and I were thrilled to be able to review Tales from the Circle C Ranch by Susan K. Marlow from Circle C Adventures. For this review, we received a physical copy of the book Tales from the Circle C Ranch and a free download for Andrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook.

Circle C Adventures offers a charming collection of books about the Circled C Ranch and the adventures of Andrea Carter, or Andi, as she is often referred to in the book. The books follow the life of Andi during the 1800's. Readers will learn what life was like on a ranch in the west for a young girl. The books cover a wide range of reading abilities and ages. The books are recommended for girls as young as six to girls twelve years and older. The books tell tales of Andi's adventures from a young girl and how life changes as she grows up and becomes a young lady.

Circle C Beginnings....Ages 6-9
Circle C Adventures....Ages 9-14
Goldtown Adventures.....Boy Themes......Ages 8-12
Tales of the Circle C Ranch.....Ages 8-12 
Circle C Milestones.....Ages 12 and up

This review is about the book Tales from the Circle C Ranch. Princess P had just turned 10 when we started this book. Once we received the book in the mail, I flipped though it and new it was going to be a great fit for her. The language wasn't too easy, but wasn't too hard either. We did decide to do this story as a read aloud together. I wanted to hear the story too. We took turns reading chapters from the book. I realized how much I missed story time with her. Once she started reading well independently, bedtime stories together seemed to disappear. It was nice sitting together, snuggling under the blankets, and reading aloud together. We read a chapter a night.

Tales from the Circle C Ranch is collection of short stories inspired by questions from curious fans! Readers will learn about Andi's father, why she wears overalls, the infamous Fourth of July race, and so much more.
It makes a wonderful companion book to the other Circle C Ranch books. It is a wonderful transitional book for readers of the Circle C Beginnings books to the Circle C Adventures books. I found it to be a great way to see if your daughter is interested in the series. If she is, you can then purchase the other books. The book includes some wonderful illustrations. I know Princess P looked forward to each picture.
The stories were great for a young girl. Having a 10 year old daughter can start to get tricky now. So many books out there want little girls to grow up too soon. Tales from the Circle C Ranch was perfect.
We can't wait to read more adventures that Andi finds herself in.

To go along with the book, we were given access to the lapbook. The lapbook is a great addition to the story. Parents can easily tie in a history lesson while reading the story. Young girls can see how life was different back in the good old days. 
The lapbook covers a variety of topics.

Britches, Dresses, and Overalls
An 1800's General Store
History of Photography
State Fairs
California King Snake
Horses and Saddles
The Pacific Coast States
and more

The instructions on how to do a lapbook are included. This is great for students and parents who have never done one before. Instructions on how to make the file folder, how to create the mini booklets, and where to place the mini booklets in the lapbook are given. 
The instructions are easy to understand. Great for a lapbook novice.
Young girls will have fun creating their lapbooks. Creating a lapbook is a great hands-on learning tool for kids. Our family loves making lapbooks. The kids enjoy making the mini books. They are always proud of their finished lapbook. They also make a wonderful keepsake of a child's school work. We have a plastic tub down stairs that stores all of the lapbooks we have created on the years.

We haven't had a chance to complete our lapbook for this book yet. We have been busy with end of year testing and summer camps. We plan on finishing it up next week. I love how lapbooks help reinforce learning. I am looking forward to using the lapbook as a way to see how well my daughter's  reading comprehension was. 
I'll post pics when we get it done!

Our Thoughts on the Book

My daughter enjoyed this book immensely. She LOVES horses. What little girl doesn't?  
This collection of short stories was a big hit. 
She is very eager to read more of this series. 

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  1. Thank you so much for your fun and thorough review for Tales. I'm glad you and your princess enjoyed the book, and I'm sure the lapbook will be a fun adventure too. :-)
    I saw on your profile that you are a Catholic homeschooling family. If you and your daughter would like to read a delightful book by my author-friend, Donna Alice Patton, with an explicit Catholic focus (and a fun mystery!), check out The Search for the Madonna. I'm pretty sure it's on Amazon.
    Thanks again for taking the time to review the latest Andi Carter adventure!
    Susan Marlow

    1. We really enjoyed the book and are looking forward to reading more. Thanks for the book recommendation. We will check it out!


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