Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our Weekly Wrap-Up ~ 1/30/16

Well, we had a rather uneventful week this week if you don't count the 40+ inches of snow we received this past weekend!!! Yup....I said 40+ inches in 24 hours. I think it set a new record for snow totals here in a 24 hour time span. We were snowed in until the middle of the week. Not too bad until you start to run out of the basics.

During the snow storm

The dog lost in the snow. 
By the end of the storm, the fence in the background was hidden by snow.
Too much snow!

Since we had so much snow the kids did have a few snow days so they could go out and play in the snow. They built a snow fort, made a luge track to sled down, and shoveled paths for the chickens to walk around. 
Last week, school went a little better and we are almost on target for our lessons. Of course since I just said that something will go wrong....someone will get sick, we'll lose a book, an unexpected event will occur, etc. Oh well! If it happens that's life.

In our school this week......
We are now on week 8 in our Classically Catholic Memory curriculum. We are learning a lot. The only subject we are not on week 7 is history. I decided earlier in the year to take history a little slower than CCM takes it this year. We are just know getting into the pioneering days and heading west. We have been using HomeSchool in the Woods 19th Century cd-rom and we love it. I can't wait to share all the fun stuff the kids will create. We even have a pioneer feast at the end...gluten free of course!

The kids have started a U.S. Election lap pack from HomeSchool in the Woods for a TOS Review we are doing. So far it's been fun and we are learning a lot. We have a lot of fun reviews coming up and I can't wait to share them with you.

In our lives this week.......
Well, if you have watched any news this week, you know the east coast was bombarded with TONS of snow. We got lots and lots of snow up here on the mountain. The kids were very excited of course. They wanted to build snowmen, forts, trenches, and tunnels. They did most of those things. The only thing that they couldn't do was build a snowman. The snow was too deep. It was impossible to walk through. The snow was up to my waist in many places. Just walking through it made you exhausted. The kids and the dog had a blast. I stayed indoors....too cold and a certain boy is now wearing my snow pants so I had no snow gear.

On Friday, Therese and her home ec. club made burp cloths for young moms at the local pregnancy center. The made 13 burp cloths total and were thrilled to see their handy work. 
The girls collected items for a gift basket for a baby boy being born in March. I love the Pro-Life message this shows our girls. 

" A person's a person no matter how small."
~Dr. Seuss

After the club, we headed for a fund day of bowling! The kids bowled two rounds and a great time with friends. It was great to get out after being stuck at home all week. I enjoyed visiting with fellow homeschool moms and catching up with friends I hadn't seen a few months. Life just gets too busy sometimes.

What we are reading this week..... 
I read a novel from a new author I picked at the local library..Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason
Therese is still reading the Hunger Games. Michael has switched gears and is giving the Redwall series a little break. He is currently reading the The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. After that, he wants to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I love how he enjoys reading the classics and not all that junk being written now a days!

What I'm praying for.....
our country and the upcoming election
an end to abortion
a friend and her newborn baby
our priests and vocations
my family and friends

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