Thursday, January 26, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~ Badlands National Park

 Here we are at our next stop.....Badlands National Park!

This place is amazing. It appears out of nowhere and looks like it doesn't belong there. It reminds me of all those pictures I've seen of the Southwest. Of course, I wouldn't truly know because I haven't been there yet. Maybe our next cross country trip? In a few years? This Mama is still trying to get back into things after a month away. It's crazy!

O.K., O.K. back to Badlands National Park.
It is absolutely breath taking.

My pictures don't do this place justice. The colors in the rocks vary drastically. I've never seen rocks with so many colors in the them. Rose, beige, tan, lilac, etc. When the sun hits them they are even more brilliant. We heard that the colors really come to life at sunset.

While walking around an educational boardwalk in the park, we saw fossil replicas, learned about the different rocks and formations, and saw flowers found there. We had fun looking at the rock formations and seeing different shapes in them. We saw an Egyptian Spinx, a prairie dog, a bird, and even a person.

Along the drive, we saw a lot of different animals. Pronghorn, Big Horn sheep, Prairie dogs, Moose, and Mule deer.

He was a big boy. He was just sunning himself along the side of the road.

The visitor center has a wonderful display about the park. The kids were able to stamp their National Park Passport. 

Thanks for visiting with us!
Stay tuned for our next stop.
Want to know where we go next?
Be sure to come back and visit!

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  1. Phenomenal pics! I LOVE Badlands.The Native American Indian territiory and the whole of SD --just gorgeous, isn't it?

    I love these shots! Did you go to Mt Rushmore too? And Crazy Horse? Same general area, right?

    Oh, and how do you put your blog name on the pictures? I should email you and ask that. Great idea!

    Thx for the awesome trip to BNP!

    TTYS my friend!

    Looking fwd to more about your trip!

    1. We did visit Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse. It was truly a wonderful trip.
      For my pictures, I use picmonkey to edit and and my blog name.

  2. It is beautiful. And the animals! We got to see it while vacationing a few years ago.

    1. It was my son's favorite place to visit.
      It's so different than the east coast.


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