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Goals for the Year

Homeschool Review Crew Goals for the Year Ahead {Link Up}
Welcome to 2017!
Can you believe another year has come and gone?
The years are flying by faster and faster. I remember when a friend told me how fast the years would fly by once you had kids. He was older,wiser, and had raised his kids already. He knew once you had children you had something to gauge the years by. One day they're sweet little babies then the next they're teenagers full of attitude.
Oh well, times goes by! We just have to keep moving with it.
This year, I've been thinking about things that I can do to make my life easier and happier. So I've come up with 10 goals for this year. 
My Goals for 2017
1. Lose Weight & Get Healthy.......this goal I have already started. I started on January 1st and have already lost 6 pounds. My goal is to lose 30 pounds total. I've eliminated sugar from my diet. I won't lie it was tough the first few days, but now I feel great!  I am already gluten free, so need to give up bread. I am eating meat, eggs, and veggies! I;ll eventually add in fruit once I get to my goal weight. I'm following more of a paleo diet. I always feel better when I take out the bad carbs. I've increased my water intake. I rarely drank water and now I'm drinking half of my body weight. I've also increased my activity levels. I'm walking 5 miles a day! Right now with the cold weather, I'm walking inside with a DVD.

Once the weather warms up, I'll head outside and walk around our lovely mountain.

2. Spend More Time in Prayer.....My goal is to start reading the Bible daily and praying the Rosary daily.

3. Clean Out the House....Sadly, we still have a toys for little ones, clothes that my kids haven't worn in a few years. and much more. I really want to get our house clean, organized, and clutter free. Every year, I purge some items, but I always keep a few items for sentimental reasons. I now feel the need to clear out the clutter, so we can spend more quality time together as a family. Clutter makes cleaning a nightmare!

4. Start My Sewing Business.....For the past 2 years, I have been debating on getting back into designing and sewing again. Fear, doubts, and time constraints have held me back. I've gotten my sewing space in order and plan to set aside a few hours a week to get to work. I plan on starting with girl's dresses and skirts. Of course, I'll be sewing clothes for American Girl dolls too.

5. Get Back into Scrapbooking.....Years ago, I started scrapbooks for my children. I did their first 5 years and had every intention on continuing on with it. They love looking back trough their books and I love that once day they will have books to show their children. So my goal is too get back into it and catch up. This will take awhile since I'm about 7 years behind.

6. Stay on Top of Laundry....I know this doesn't sound big, but it is for me. I get behind in laundry, play catch up, and then get behind again. I'm currently trying to catch up and when I do my goal is to do a 1-2 loads a day to stay on top of it all. Wish me luck!

7. Attend Daily Mass.....I know I won't get there everyday, but I plan on trying to get there at least 1 time a week. If I can get that done, I'll then aim for 2 times a week. This of course would be in addition to our Sunday Mass.

8. Work On My Patience....Lets face it, it can be difficult to keep our cool all the time. Kids not listening, complaining about school work & chores, fighting with siblings, etc. The list can be endless. Unfortunately, we moms sometimes lose it. So my goal this year is to stay calm, have patience, and respond with a calm voice. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

9. Read Some Classics.....I love to read! Lately, I've been finding the book selection lacking. So I'm going back to the classics. I want to reread the books I read in high school and college. I'm going to add a few I've never read before too.

10. Rework Our Homeschool Curriculum.......Now that both kids are in Middle School and heading into High School, I feel the need to take a look at our homeschool curriculum. I'm reassessing our plans and goals. I want to have the kids have a little more input into their study choices. They both have area they are interested in and I would love to see where they would like to head. I think  if they have some more say, they may enjoy learning even more.

What are your goals this year?
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