Thursday, January 19, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~ A Prairie Dog Farm

After our brief stop at the Corn Palace in South Dakota, we headed off towards the Badlands. Before entering Badlands National Park, we stopped at a prairie dog farm. They are the cutest little things. 

They just popped out of their holes and peered around. 
They really looked like they were saying, "Hi, How are you? Welcome!"

There was always a few lookouts keeping an eye on the whole area. 
They were very alert little soldiers.

The place we stopped had peanuts you could buy to feed them. 
The kids enjoyed giving them a few treats. 

They loved the peanuts!
I just love their little tails. They are always moving.

A t-shirt image Michael liked.

They even had a HUGE prairie dog you could take a picture with.

Along the way, we did pass Red from the Disney Cars Movie.

The prairie farm we stopped at was right before you headed into the Badlands. We really didn't need to stop, because once you enter the park you will thousands of these little guys scampering around!

Next stop.....Badlands National Park!
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