Thursday, April 6, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, MT

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The next stop on our cross country journey is Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana. The Little Bighorn Battlefield National monument commemorates the Sioux, the Cheyenne, and the  U.S. Army's 7th Cavalry. The battle at Little Bighorn was one of the Native American's last armed efforts to protect and preserve their way of life that was being taken away from them.
During the 2 day battle, it is estimated that 26 to 300 Native Americans died, while 263 U.S. soldiers died.

Driving up to the battlefield was very different for us. The highway we were driving on was long and empty. We only passed a few cars on the way. It wasn't like any highway we've ever been on in the east cost.
The landscapes were breathtaking. The blueness of the sky was spectacular. Back home the sky s never that blue. It actually reminded me of the sky when you are near the ocean. It's just a stunning shade of blue. The color is so hard to describe.

Once we arrived at the battlefield, we were struck by the vastness of the area. It seemed to go on and on. It was a wide open space. While searching the horizon, you could imagine the devastating battle that took place there.

The have a simple memorial to the fallen soldiers. You can even see a headstone for General Custer.

As you walk along a paved pathway, you will see numerous headstones for the cavalry and the Native American Tribes.

Further up the hill, we were taken back by the stunning memorial for the Native Americans that died during this battle. The stone and metal work were beautifully done. We spent a good bit of time reading all the murals inside the stonework.

The mural brought to life the plight of the Native Americans. Too often in history books, the Native Americans are portrayed as savages. I love being able to teach my children the other side. I always ask them how they would feel if a foreign group of people came to their house and tried to take it away. Would they sit back and let their house be taken or would they fight back?

The battlefield has a museum filled with artifacts and lots of great educational information for visitors. We watched a 15-20 minute about the battle. 

We enjoyed our visit to the battlefield and learned a lot. It was perfect because the kids would be studying these events this year for American history.

Be sure to come back next week.
We are getting closer to our destination!

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