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Traveling Thursdays~ Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

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In between our adventure exploring Yellowstone National Park, we took a break and explored some the surrounding area! A definite must stop (at least in Michael's World) is the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center located in West Yellowstone, Montana. 

Yellowstone Vacation

West Yellowstone, MT

The center is a non-profit wildlife park and education center. Visitors to the center will be able to view grizzlies and wolves. You can even learn more about these two amazing creatures.

Yellowstone Vacation
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Unfortunately all the animals in the wildlife center can no longer survive in the wild, so they now serve as ambassadors for their species.

The park is home to eight Grizzly bears. They have been placed at the center for a variety of reasons....nuisance bears coming into close contact with humans and getting to used to human food, orphaned cubs whose mother had been killed, or orphans of  mothers who became nuisance bears.

Grizzly and Wolf Center

These grizzlies were the only ones we saw the entire time we were in Yellowstone. Michael would have loved to see one out in the wild, but was thrilled that this center offered him a chance to see one up close and learn more about them!

Grizzly & Wolf Center

The Park has three different wold packs. The lighter colored wolves belong to the Granite Wolf Pack. Adara and Summit are part of this pack.

wolf pack

The second wold pack is the High Country Wolf Pack. It consists of Leopold and McKinley.
Leopold and McKinley are brothers.

grizzly & wolf center

The third pack is the River Valley Pack. Akela and Kootenai are part of this pack. Akela was named after the leader of the wolf pack in the story The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

We were thrilled to see these beautiful creatures. It's sad that they can no longer roam in the wild, but thankfully they have been saved and now help people realize what a treasure they truly are.

Grizzly & Wolf Center

They also have a few birds of prey on display too. Eagles, hawks, etc. Many of them have been injured and can no longer fly. When we were there they were expanding this section. It looks like it will be a wonderful addition to the center.

After visiting with the animals, visitors can head indoors for some educational learning. The educational center is an interactive exhibit. It has six thematic sections and houses 25 taxidermic mounts. Visitors can explore the myths and folklore of bears and learn all about the bears history.

If you want to see the animals for yourself, you can plan a trip or just head over to their website! They have bear and wolf cams for people to see these stunning animals.

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